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There’s nothing like taking a trip to unwind and relax.

It’s no secret that Brooke’s life is a mess these days… Not only did she travel to Aspen just to find out that Ridge had left her for Taylor, but she returned home alone and is struggling with her emotions — all the while having no idea that Thomas set the whole devastating mess in motion. However, things couldn’t be better for her portrayer, Katherine Kelly Lang, who recently took a trip to Italy.

“Off to Italy!” Lang shared on Saturday, October 15. “First time back since the pandemic.” She also posted a photo from her travel digs and stated, “The private suite makes traveling a breeze.”

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She went on to give fans a tour of her accommodations and stated, “I was so excited to bypass all of the airport craziness with this special luxury experience.” In fact, she “had to make a reel” to show fans just how “simple and easy and relaxing” the experience was. She then thanked the service and vowed, “We will be back.”

After watching that video… who needs Italy?!

Some of her castmates sent her bon voyage messages, including Jennifer Gareis (Donna), who said, “Have a wonderful time, sis,” and Krista Allen (Taylor) remarked, “Yay! Italy looks so good on you!”

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Once Lang landed, it wasn’t long before she set out to see some of the beautiful backdrops and documented “a wonderful visit” to The Colosseum in Rome. “It is always so spectacular to see!” she expressed then thanked her friends “Ben, Angelo and Valentina for such an amazing day on Sunday!”

And Lang’s mom was on hand and enjoying the “dolce vita” (sweet life) with her. “When in Rome… visit the Trevi Fountain and throw a penny in while making a wish,” she suggested. “Then go have a delicious meal at Harry’s Bar.”

By the looks of the photos and videos, we’re sure Lang will have a great time!

While we wait to see what unfolds next in the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor saga, take a look at our gallery below filled with Brooke’s many loves.