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Please, just stop already.

We don’t want to say the writing is on the wall for what’s coming next on The Bold and the Beautiful, but it is. Actually, that’s not really true. It’s not writing that’s on the proverbial wall, so much as big, bright neon letters saying just one thing: Brooke and Liam are going to sleep together!

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We’ve been thinking it for months now, ever since Scott Clifton discussed how much sympathy Liam felt towards Brooke when he admitted that he and Katherine Kelly Lang would joke that “it’s only a matter of time before Liam and Brooke hook up.”

Sure, they weren’t entirely serious about that inevitability… but Brooke did hop into bed with daughter Bridget’s husband back in the day. Heck, that was how she and Deacon began the love affair that culminated in Hope’s birth!

And then there was Hope’s boyfriend, Oliver, back before she married Liam. Granted, Brooke didn’t intend to sleep with Oliver, she just couldn’t tell the difference between him and Ridge once they slapped a mask on. Sure, Brooke.

The long and the short of it, though, is there is plenty of precedent. And since we first mused over the possibility, Liam and Brooke have continued to grow closer as they’ve tried everything they could (including complaining nonstop to each other) to push Thomas and Hope farther apart.

Brooke confronts Liam Bold and Beautiful

That’s an awfully sultry way to look at your son-in-law!

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And then we got the Monday, October 17 episode, when Liam dealt with Brooke’s devastation over the end (for now) of her marriage to Ridge, by sending his father away and comforting his mother-in-law himself. But it went even further than that when Liam stepped in to stop Brooke from making an even bigger mistake and falling off the wagon once again!

Side note: Shouldn’t they have gotten rid of all alcohol in that house by now? How many scares and close calls has Brooke had??

In any case, it was a sweet moment, but when it comes to these two, that’s a problem. Tack on the fact that Hope just kissed Thomas and it’s no longer a question of if Brooke and Liam sleep together, but when. Even though Hope and Thomas’ encounter has to be a dream, we have a feeling it’s more of the prophetic kind than the wishful kind. Because where else is Hope supposed to turn once her mom sleeps with her beau? Again.

But that doesn’t mean we’re OK with it happening for any reason. We’ve been down this road before too often. Yes, it’s only been twice, but that’s two times too many. It’s not a story we need, nor one that Brooke needs.

We’ve been saying for some time that Ridge doesn’t deserve Taylor or Brooke with how horrible he’s been to both, but it’s almost like the show seems intent on proving us wrong. Taylor has, once more, turned her back on her own good sense and gone running back to him despite knowing exactly how this will end.

And if Brooke deals with her own loss by hopping into bed with Liam and he goes from berating Hope to push Thomas away to sleeping with her mother… well, we give up. They all deserve each other at that point.

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So while we’re all-but certain that’s where the show is heading, we’re hoping against hope that we’re wrong. Instead, the show could give us a real shocker and show how both Liam and Brooke have grown and become better people!

If only.

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