Carter, Quinn end B&B
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“She can’t give me what I want.” 

Ever since news broke that Rena Sofer would be leaving The Bold and the Beautiful, we’ve been left to wonder exactly how the show would write Quinn off the canvas. Well, now we know… and like ditched beau Carter, we just don’t get it.

“I was ready to marry Quinn. To have a family, but she said she’s on a different path,” Carter explained to Katie. “She’s newly divorced, she already raised her son and she said she can’t give me what I want. Doesn’t want to be married again.”

Now on the surface, that sounds like a reasonable position for a woman like Quinn to take, right? There’s only one small problem: It makes absolutely no sense given the way she and Carter got together.

Carter Quinn B&B

Quinn knew exactly who the Forrester CFO was and what he wanted out of life long before they got involved. After all, they bonded over long talks about his desire to find a woman with whom he could fall in love, get married and have children.

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In fact, you’ll recall that when Quinn and Carter broke up last time, he immediately jumped into a relationship (and nearly a marriage) with Paris. Why? Not because he loved her, but because they were on the same page when it came to what they wanted the future to look like.

carter kisses paris' hand wedding bb

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(It’s worth noting that this relationship, too, made little sense, given that only a few short months earlier, Paris had broken up with Zende because he wanted to get married and start a family, and she wanted to be a free spirit.)

No matter how you slice it, Quinn’s decision to dump Carter is both capricious and cruel. Not only because of the way in which she ripped her love away from him, but because she did so only a few months after literally preventing him from living the life he wanted with another woman. Sure, he didn’t love Paris, but he was ready to make a life with her.

And if Quinn didn’t want to get married again or have more children, then why didn’t she simply remain with Eric? Theirs was a good life — despite the occasional dalliances on both of their parts — and one she could easily have been content with.

All of which leads us to wonder if there’s more to Quinn’s departure than Carter — or the rest of us — knows. Or did the show really decide to have the character exit in the cruelest way possible?

Is this really the last we’ve seen of Quinn? Perhaps reviewing the gallery below chronicling her past might offer insight into the character’s future!