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What in the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on?!

Those watching the Monday, October 17, episode of The Bold and the Beautiful were likely stunned when Hope took the initiative and kissed Thomas. We sure as heck were — for a second, anyway…

The scene started out with Hope arriving at Forrester and learning from Thomas that Ridge had left her mother in order to go back to his mom, Taylor. Naturally, Hope was taken aback but Thomas had his mind on the upcoming fashion show and offered up his latest design for her to try on.

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Though it wasn’t totally, and we stress totally, out of character for Hope to have tried on the beautiful turquoise dress, we quickly began to wonder where this scene was going the second Thomas’ creeper level shot up 10 or 20 notches as he slowly began to describe how well the dress fit here — and there — and especially when Hope appeared to be turned on just a tad by what he was saying.

thomas touches hope bb

And if that wasn’t a red flag, the fact that Hope ultimately responded by making the first move and passionately kissing Thomas — when she’s happily married to Liam — let’s just say if it wasn’t fall and the leaves weren’t changing, and it had been closer to April, we might have chalked up the scene as being part a big April Fools’ joke.

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It’s understandable that some fans immediately went ballistic by what they watched unfold, especially given Thomas’ past obsession with Hope — and her mannequin lookalike — but come Tuesday, the show will surely reveal that this was all in Thomas’ mind.

Therefore, the moral of the story is… rather than be mad, just laugh — let out a big, big, big laugh — because this is likely just the soap’s way of adding a little fun into mix.

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We hope to h-e-double hockey sticks so!

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