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Has she finally, finally found her Mr. Right — and at the same time, introduced a certain lovelorn hunk to his Ms. Right?

Bold & Beautiful might as well be called New and Very Different the week of October 17. Off Quinn’s split from Carter, and Katie’s declaration that she’s done with Bill once and for all (yes, again), Forrester’s COO and the youngest Logan sister have a heart-to-heart that winds up with them… mouth-to-mouth.


“You… me… K-I-S-S-I-N-G… Whad’ya say?”

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After Carter shares with Katie that his girlfriend left him, she “says that he deserves better” than Eric’s conniving ex-wife, Lawrence Saint-Victor tells Soap Opera Digest. “That’s something he has heard before, but the common denominator is him. At the end of the day, these women leave him.”

Operative word: these. Not every woman would walk away from a man like Carter, and Katie just might consider him a keeper. Later in the week, “she admits that she is attracted to Carter,” Saint-Victor says. From there, they pick up where they left off flirting last year. And where does it lead them?

Carter, Quinn miss you B&B

“Too soon, Carter. Too soon.”

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Potentially, all the way to happily ever after. “You have these two people who have been loving the wrong people,” the actor notes, “who have been hurt and who are in each other’s spheres.” Now, all they have to do is shrink those spheres until they’re in one another’s arms.

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