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We kinda like where this is heading, if only for the payback.

When Brooke pursued Ridge to Aspen to find out why he’d followed Taylor there, he gave her a marble-mouthed load of murky references to his need for her to be “honest” with him as an explanation for him flying off without a word to be with another woman. It’s a tried and true Bold & Beautiful tactic for a character to be vague and not come out and say what they really mean, which in this case would have been, “Just admit you called CPS on my son so I don’t feel like you’re lying to my face.”

Given that we know Brooke did not make the call (Thomas used the voice-changer app to set her up), it was no surprise she was utterly bewildered by Ridge’s demands to come clean and by his foggy allusion to her not understanding what his family means to him.

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What was clear, was that Ridge was ending things between them. Brooke, who had been planning a romantic date night for them at home when she got the alert from Donna that her husband was headed to Aspen, was left sobbing and gobsmacked at the turn of events.

Ridge told his wife, who protested, “I’m your Logan,” that it was really most sincerely “over” and he let go of her hands (which he had been tenderly holding to confuse Taylor and Steffy as they spied on them through a window) and walked away. It was painfully obvious he still loved her and that the act was one of last resort, and just straight up painful for Brooke, whose was floored and completely in the dark.

Taylor and Steffy weren’t the only ones watching the exchange, however, as somoene was teased to be looking through the trees. At one point, as Brooke’s panic escalated and Ridge put the kibosh on their marriage, it was revealed that it was Othello lurking in the bushes seeing and hearing everything that was going down. If you blinked, you might have missed him!
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Nothing happens on Bold & Beautiful for a reason — you’ll recall we warned you of this when the voice-changer debuted in a scene with Douglas — and Othello’s cameo in the bushes is no exception. You can bet he’s going to report back to someone… and we think that someone is Bill. If you’ll recall, Othello acted as his point man in Aspen when he brought Steffy to the house and helped her with her luggage.

Now, Bold & Beautiful spoilers tell us that Katie will get honest with Bill about their relationship when he presses the issue of whether or not they have a future together or not — and we suspect her response is going to be something along the lines of not being able to get past his history with Brooke. Katie is dialed in enough to know that if Brooke were single, Bill might be barking up a different tree. If Bill’s last conversation with Brooke was anything to go by, she’d be right!

Whether Bill will get word from Othello during his conversation with Katie or afterward, we suspect the outcome will be the same — Bill will turn his attention to wooing Katie’s wounded blonde sibling. We’re sure Brooke’s not going to get over Ridge just like that, but she may be open to some comfort from her stallion.

Is a “Brill” reunion in the cards? We think the Othello moment may have been a tease of just that. What a wake up call that will be for Ridge when he inevitably learns the truth about the CPS call and attempts another flip-flop!

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What do you want to see happen in this storyline? Should Brooke get back with Bill because it would serve Ridge right? Let us know your take in the comment section below.

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