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“We all know how it will end.” 

How you felt about the final moments of Bold & Beautiful‘s October 11 episode probably depended on which side of the Forrester/Logan war you side with. For a whole lot of viewers, finding out that Thomas was the one who called CPS on himself — using a voice-changing app to implicate stepmom Brooke — was… well, infuriating.

While the soap’s official account sent out a tweet seeking reaction to the bomb the show had just dropped, most of the responses indicated this wasn’t the epic surprised the thought. In fact, SoapyHousewife dared to straddle the battlefield between the factions to declare that “Logan and Forrester fans alike saw this coming from a mile away. A true shock would’ve been not having it be Thomas!”

For many, the biggest issue was yet again having Thomas sacrificed in general, and in particular to facilitate a plot which allowed a member of the Logan family to triumph again.

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As Cheryl tweeted, “Every single family on this show has been thrown under the bus to prop the Logans. Avants? Spencers? Spectras? Forresters? Marones? Let me know when Brooke Logan finally pays and Ridge chooses his children.”

A common complaint lobbed at the show in recent months reared its ugly head again, that being the recycled and predictable nature of the plots. “We all know how it will end,” said Bad Girl. “[Thomas] will lose Douglas to Hope permanently, Ridge will be hurt and angry at [his son]… but will [forgive] Brooke for all her mess, break his promise to Taylor and go back to Brooke.”

Many had been hoping that perhaps Thomas truly was on the road to bettering himself. The character has, after all, been on a rather rough road in recent years, often thrust into storylines which saw his darker side coming out whether as a result of purposeful manipulations or the tumor which had him crushing on a mannequin.

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Needless to say, those who’ve been championing a Ridge/Taylor reunion aren’t thrilled with the idea of Thomas’ mom having her heart broken yet again. The real question at this point might be just how long Thomas can keep his secret from blowing up all of their lives!

Want to see just how much Thomas has been through over the years? Check out the gallery below to relive his highs, lows and everything in between!