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“She was a brilliant force of nature, for sure…”

On Tuesday, October 11, the industry said goodbye to one of its greats, actress Angela Lansbury, who passed away at her Los Angeles home in her sleep at the age of 96. Soap vet Vincent Irizarry, who last appeared in daytime on The Bold and the Beautiful as Dr. Jordan Armstrong, posted a photo with his former co-star and paid a special tribute to the woman who will always be remembered for playing Murder, She Wrote’s mystery novelist Jessica Fletcher.

“There are several veteran actors I’ve been very fortunate to work with throughout my life and career,” Irizarry began, “and this amazing talent was one of those same that I will never, ever forget.”

Angela Lansbury

He looked back on a time in 1991 when he appeared opposite the “iconic” actress on the popular long-running CBS series Murder, She Wrote. While on the set, he “learned a very valuable lesson, a truism that has been consistently proven on any other set I’ve worked on since, when it came to working with the ‘stars’ of the show.”

Irizarry explained, “There is a trickling down effect among those whose name is above the title, and all others, those many cogs in the wheel, whom collectively, assist in breathing it all to life.” He then recalled how Lansbury was a “consummate professional in every which way one could imagine” from the time she walked out onto the set until her very last bit of work was done.

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What made this experience one of the “most pleasurable experiences” he’d ever had was due to Lansbury’s “graciousness” and how she “set the tone” with her professionalism. “It was truly one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had working on a set,” Irizarry expressed.

And that one experience is what “solidified” his already “lofty perception of her as an incredible talent” from having seen Lansbury on stage opposite Blue Bloods’ Len Cariou (Henry) in the Broadway production of Sweeney Todd, as well as in The Manchurian Candidate.

Angela Lansbury,  Len Cariou

Irizarry closed out his post by stating, “R.I.P. dear woman and stand-alone talent. So grateful for the gifts you’ve blessed us with.”

Lansbury, who was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2014, had over 100 credits to her name — from television, to film to Broadway… she will always be remembered for her stellar work in the industry. sends Lansbury’s children, their families and her friends our deepest condolences.

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