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As it turned out, we had the right suspect all along!

If there’s one thing we were pretty sure of, it was that Bold & Beautiful‘s Brooke didn’t make that phone call to CPS. Sure, she had threatened to do so after seeing Thomas carving an apple with a knife (and reacting as if he’d been holding the weapon to his son’s throat).

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We might have bought her being the responsible party if not for one thing: When asked for their name, the caller immediately responded “Brooke Logan.” Sorry, but the woman who created BeLieF is smart enough to have at least asked, “Is that really necessary?” before leaving a vocal footprint connecting her to something that was sure to create so much chaos within the family.

Could we be wrong? Sure. But as revealed in the October 11 episode, we weren’t.

It seemed fairly clear from the start that someone used that voice-changing phone app which Douglas has been playing with of late to incriminate Brooke. And we were fully convinced that Thomas was the culprit. But more than a few fans think we’re way off base. In fact, when we suggested as much in a recap of the episode which aired Monday, October 10, more than a few suggested we were majorly off base.

“I hope you hurt yourself jumping to conclusions,” wrote in the comment section beneath the recap. They went on to suggest that someone else might be responsible: Douglas, who was seen using the voice-changing app on his phone to make it seem as if Grandpa Eric had given him permission not to do his homework. “[This] shows Douglas is trying to manipulate the adults, something Thomas hasn’t been shown doing.”

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And Jayde wasn’t alone in calling out the youngster. “I think it was Douglas who called the CPS to prove that his father wasn’t treating him bad,” wrote Newbie. And while interesting, that seems like a heck of a leap for a kid to make. Could Douglas really have figured out that by calling CPS to report his father, he would actually wind up clearing his dad’s name and assuring that he would be allowed to stay?

Granted, who wouldn’t want to stay at Eric’s home, complete with a screening room, on-demand paint fights in the living room and a pool? It seems a far cry more comfortable than Liam and Hope’s rather cramped cottage, which Douglas has spent the last few years sharing with not only them but their daughter, Beth.

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Newbie went on to suggest that when the truth comes out, “Thomas will take the blame to protect his son. Eventually, Hope will come to know about it also. That is how she will fall in love with Thomas after looking at the lengths [to which] he’d go to protect his loved ones.”

Commenter Michelle Woods admitted she could go for this, as she didn’t want to see Thomas being written as “the bad guy again.”

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It was certainly an interesting theory… and one which might indicate young Douglas has inherited a bit of dad Thomas’ more scheming nature. But ultimately, our theory — based in large part on the fact that characters on this shows rarely change their ways — was proved true when Thomas gleefully gloated — if only to himself — that he, not Brooke, had called CPS!

For those needing a reminder of who Thomas is, check out the gallery below for the good, the bad and the mannequin