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On October 28, 2012, the multi-Daytime Emmy Award winner and her husband welcomed a son, Zane Alexander Achor.

Today, Soaps.com sends a special happy birthday shoutout to the son of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Heather Tom (Katie) and her husband James Achor. Their firstborn, Zane, is growing up fast and wanting to join in his celebration, we’ve collected cute shots that his mom has posted over the years to mark the various milestones up until now…

Dancing Drummer

Zane hadn’t even turned two yet and the CBS actress suspected that she had a little drummer on her hands. “Every time the drums would start he would stop and clap.” Watch out, Tommy Lee!

Golfing Pro — at 2

After seeing the next video, it’s safe to say Zane could have a career in golfing and we can bet pro golfer Jack Nicklaus would have been impressed by his swing at just two and a half years old!

Chocolate Hangover

With Zane looking spent from indulging in too much chocolate, Tom suspected that he was “down for the count” from his “chocolate hangover.”

First Big-Boy Bed

There comes a time when every kid needs his own “big boy bed” and Zane got his at nearly three years old. The project took his mom “41 hours, three broken nails, innumerable curse words, a shot of tequila and a pint of blood” before Zane’s new sleeping quarters were “up and running!”

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Lights Out

And it seems as though his big boy bed was “a hit — even if his sleeping style is a little unorthodox!” In any case, Tom was happy to have some “mommy time.”

A Gift From the Pull-Up Fairy

To mark another milestone in her little one’s life, Tom reported, “The Pull-Up Fairy came last night and left Zane this tire swing,” then went on to joke, “It was super fun putting it up at midnight but totally worth it!” Not having to buy diapers anymore likely made it totally worth it too!

Potty Training Success

And if you need proof that it was “totally worth it,” just look at the smile on Zane’s face!

First Trip to Disneyland

During his “first trip to Disneyland,” Zane helped spin the teacup the family was riding in.

Big Boy Brusher

As many parents will attest to, the key to getting your young kids to brush their teeth is to make it fun by allowing them to take the reins — so to speak — and after putting on his own toothpaste, Zane brushed his pearly whites as his proud parents cheered him on.

Little Soap Star and His TV Dad

In 2013, Zane got his acting break before he was even one as his mom’s onscreen Bold & Beautiful son, Will Spencer. Here’s a 2015 “father-kind-of and-son” shot with his onscreen dad, Don Diamont (Bill).

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Trimming the Tree

Zane made a good helper prior to Christmas 2015, as he helped decorate the family’s tree.


And one morning, while Zane was lying on his play mat, Tom snapped a pic of her son’s “amazing bedhead.”

First Time on Skis

Okay, this kid is a natural born athlete. At just three years old, Zane aced it during his very “first time on skis.” In fact, he was so good that Tom warned Olympic and World Championship gold medalist skier Bode Miller to “watch out!”

Dental Checkup

Zane received a fresh new toothbrush for being a “big boy” at the dentist.

A Present From His TV Dad

Tom shared a cute photo to show off a present from his TV dad, his “uncle Don Diamont,” and Zane looked so excited in the new Lightning McQueen jacket.

Spring Break Body Paint

Little kids can have fun on spring break too and Zane did just that with some body paint, to which his mom stated, “I think the mustache is a nice touch!”

A Day With Mom

In April 2016, Zane spent the day in Palm Springs with his mom walking “with the animals” and feeding a giraffe.

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Boot Camp With Mom

That same year, with Zane riding piggyback, Tom introduced a “new Hollywood craze, baby boot camp,” and said that it was “excellent for building endurance because, believe me, he’s not getting any lighter…”

Summer Fun With Dad

Zane and his dad were “feeling the spirit” in matching red shirts on the 4th of July in 2016 at the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club.

Mom’s Mini-Me

“In case anyone doubted that he’s my son!” Tom shared in 2017, along with a side-by-side pic of her and Zane. “Come on, I am rockin that do!”

New Do

A few months later, Zane got a new do all his own. Adorable!

All Slick for Back to School Day

And it was just in time for his first day of preschool. Tom stated that Zane had said, “I need gel in my hair so everyone will think I’m awesome!” However, the CBS soap actress “had to improvise” and would have to “hone” her technique at work and commented, “Lord knows there’s enough gel flying around there. I’ll have to get Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Don Diamont (Bill) to give me a tutorial!”

Self Portrait

On the last day of preschool, Zane showed off his self portrait. “I bawled all week,” Tom admitted. “We had such a wonderful experience at Valley Vista and we will miss everyone so much! What happened to my baby?”

Belt Test — Passed

We’ve seen Zane dance to the drums and swing a golf club like a pro, now check him out as he passed his belt test, and graduated to yellow, in taekwondo.

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On to the Purple Belt

“And then there’s this…” his proud mom announced, as Zane went on to get his purple belt.

One Tough Cookie

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, this next post is going to blow you away. “I think he surprised himself a little,” Tom shared. “Two boards!” Hiya!

A Very Expensive Tooth

A few posts back we showed readers what the Pull-Up Fairy left Zane, and from the post below he was set to receive a visit from the Tooth Fairy. While the family was on vacation, Zane lost his first tooth and told his mom that “it’s worth at least 100 dollars,” to which she informed her son that “the Tooth Fairy caps at five” and that back in the day she had gotten “a dollar.”

Surfer Boy

And to add to his extracurricular-activities resume… At almost seven years old, Zane stood on a surfboard and road some California waves.

A Day In the Life

2020 had many kids keeping up with their studies remotely and Zane was no different. After CBS had asked Tom to record how they had been spending their days, the actress posted a video of “a day in the life of Mrs. Achor and her exceptional student Zane.” And from the looks of things, an exceptional student he was!

Baby Blues

In 2021, Tom shared a sweet photo that not only showed off Zane’s baby blues but showed just how much he’d grown.

We hope Zane has a fabulous birthday and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next!

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