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As one door closes, a whole Pandora’s box might be opening.

Bold & Beautiful fans already know that Rena Sofer has aired for the last time as Quinn. And in the Friday, Oct. 14, episode of the CBS soap, it sounds like we are going to find out what went down between her and Carter. (The spoilers for this week offer up a big hint.) But that isn’t the end of the line for Lawrence Saint-Victor’s stouthearted alter ego, especially since he’s realized how badly he craves a significant other.

“When I first came on the show, he said to Steffy, ‘I don’t want to get married,’” the actor said during a recent edition of Bold Live. (You can watch in full below.) “It wasn’t until the rejections [started piling up] that the loneliness set in.”

That kinda changed everything for Carter. “He wants to have love in his life, and right now he interprets that as a wife and a family,” Saint-Victor said. “With Paris, it was, ‘I’m not gonna be with Quinn. She’s my soulmate, but she’s with Eric, so that’s never gonna happen.’

“Carter did love Paris,” he added. The trouble was, “it’s never gonna be as good as [with] Quinn, ever. No matter who he’s with, he’s always gonna be settling. That was his mindset.”

Post-Quinn, Carter may once again be put in the position of settling as opposed to just settling down. Or a blast from the past could rocket him in a whole new direction. “If Zoe came back with a baby… ,” Saint-Victor pondered, “that would be real spicy.”

It would indeed. Who do you think will be the next woman drawn into Carter’s orbit? En route to the comments, catch up on the relationship status of all of the couples on Bold & Beautiful in the gallery below.

Video: YouTube/Bold & Beautiful