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Why? We could not begin to guess.

Since The Bold and the Beautiful cast Krista Allen as Taylor, we’ll admit it. We’ve been extra into the character. The actress’ natural warmth and playfulness have served to reboot the world-renowned psychiatrist in the absolute loveliest of ways. And not for nothing, but she’s been more fun than she ever before was.

So it stuns and chagrins us to no end to have to say what we’re about to: The show is turning us against Taylor. How, how, how can we root for a heroine who would fall for the umpteenth time for Ridge’s line of BS? She’s said it herself: He always goes back to Brooke, and Taylor deserves to be more than his or anyone’s consolation prize.


Step away from the bad decision, Taylor. Step. A. Way.

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The Point of No, No, No, Nooo!

Yet last week, as Ridge told his on-again/off-again wife, “I want to be a better man, and you make me a better man; I want to be with you… for always,” she swallowed his nonsense hook, line and sinker. And we just. Don’t. Get. It. That she would always have feelings for her ex… that, we get. That she would always feel a pull to him… sure.

But Taylor is a world-renowned psychiatrist. She, of all people, should know that Ridge wanting to be a better man because of her is unhealthy at best. He has to want to be — and be — a better man because it’s the right thing to do, period. Because if he isn’t a better man, then he’s just the fickle serial monogamist that he’s always been, the waffler whose promises all come with expiration dates.

A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN, Lucy in psychiatrist's booth, Charlie Brown, 1969

“Why do I fall for it every time?”

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‘I Love You… r Way of Buying My Malarkey’

Also, what does it say about what Ridge thinks of Taylor that he would run to her with any hope that, in that moment, she’d go, “Oh, you left your wife two minutes ago? Sure, I’ll take you back!” Heck, he hadn’t even told Brooke yet that he was dumping her. (Why? So that if Taylor had had enough self-respect to tell him to take a hike, he could have gone back and actually been honest with his wife and worked on their relationship?)

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Ridge is playing Taylor for a fool, someone so determined not to remember the past that she is doomed to repeat it. And worse, Taylor is playing herself for a fool. She’s Charlie Brown inviting Lucy to hold the football for him so that he can kick it. Taylor/Charlie knows that Ridge/Lucy is just gonna pull that ball away. Yet Taylor/Charlie is gonna run towards instead of away from it, anyway. Sigh.

While Taylor adds a whopper of a mistake to the list of her past missteps, you can review her history in the photo gallery below.