Ridge dumps Brooke BB
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Brooke is left alone, while Bill makes a plea to Katie.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of October 10 – 14, Katie isn’t sure she’s Bill’s first choice. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Brooke was stunned to learn from Bill that not only had Steffy and Taylor gone to his house in Aspen, but later discovered from Donna that Ridge went after them.

In Aspen, Taylor was floored when Ridge showed up but was tired of being his backup choice when Brooke let him down. She walked away from him and told him not to follow her. However he did, swore he wanted to be a better man, and she made him a better man. As they shared a passionate kiss, Brooke high-tailed it to Aspen.

This week, Brooke arrives in Aspen where Ridge tells her that he and Taylor are back together, for good. She cries that he just can’t leave her, but he tells her, “Goodbye Logan!”

Back in Los Angeles, Bill tells Katie that he loves her and wants his “Katie” back. She naturally asks, ‘What about Brooke?’ He notes she’s married to Ridge. Katie ponders, “What if she wasn’t? Can you honestly say you’d stay away?”

What do you think fans? Will Bill commit himself to Katie finally? And do you think Thomas used the voice changer in order to frame Brooke for calling CPS on him?

Be sure to read the Bold and Beautiful spoilers to find out what truth Carter has to confess.

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