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“Can’t stop with the voice… “

Thomas is in the middle of the latest Bold & Beautiful drama between Ridge and Brooke following the call to — and the visit from — CPS. Though the person who made the call identified themselves as Brooke Logan, Ridge’s wife has adamantly denied contacting the authorities, even though she clearly thinks his son is a danger to Douglas.

Viewers will recall that weeks ago Douglas was seen playing with a voice app — one that could create a voice to sound just like someone else’s. And though the CBS soap hasn’t mentioned it since, we have to wonder if Thomas used the app to his advantage. Sure, calling CPS disguised as Brooke would put a target on his back, having his parenting skills called into question, but making it sound as though Brooke had made the call, well, that would serve a whole other purpose…

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Not only would Ridge defend his son but he would also be furious with Brooke, which he currently is, for lying to him and it would be the final straw that could send him back into Taylor’s arms. And really, if Brooke had called, would she have given her name when asked, knowing how upset her husband would have been for going behind his back instead of bringing her concerns for Douglas’ safety to him first?

Thomas’ portrayer, Matthew Atkinson, has a little bit of experience when it comes to changing his voice. He recently posted a cute video while out for a hike with his dog Maisel and his girlfriend Brytnee that was captioned, “Seriously, can’t stop with the voice I can’t help speaking to Maisel with.” And for those who couldn’t understand what he said in the reel, Atkinson shared, “In case you missed it, I said, ‘Who’s a Maisel girl,’ followed by, ‘Who’s a Brytnee’.”

Those of us who have pets can probably admit that we’ve talked a bit silly to them a time or two — or three, or four or — but the point is, we can all disguise our voices and if Thomas really wanted to put the screws to Brooke, he wouldn’t have disguised his own but Douglas’ voice app could have given him the ammunition he needed to get her out of his family’s lives for good!

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