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The script could be about to be flipped.

The week of October 3 promises to be a game-changer for the longest-running love triangle on The Bold and the Beautiful. Rather than remain in L.A. to get to the bottom of CPS-gate with wife Brooke, Ridge takes off for Aspen to hang with former spouse Taylor. Could the messages that he’s sending be any more mixed?

The dressmaker’s portrayer Thorsten Kaye concedes to Soap Opera Digest that yes, Ridge may be making a tricky situation even trickier. On the other hand, “Maybe it’s not running away from something but running to something to give you some perspective… Maybe [Taylor] is what he needs right now.”

Maybe. But is Ridge really what Taylor needs? Does any woman really need to volunteer her heart to be broken anew by a man whose commitments tend to last about as long as a style remains in fashion? Don’t think so.

We’d much rather see the world-renowned psychiatrist and former princess of Morocco wade into the dating pool — not only because Taylor deserves someone who can make a promise and keep it but also because Krista Allen would be hilarious in scenes meeting her character’s suitors.

But back to the topic at hand… Ridge’s decision. Which may not really be a decision at all. “Whatever happens here,” Kaye tells Digest, “as a man caught between two incredible, amazing women, it is really not the man’s choice. It’s about where he lands.”

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