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Ascending to such heights will only make a fall that much harder.

Bold & Beautiful’s Thomas has been working overtime to keep things on an even keel with Hope even as he angles to keep Douglas with him full-time. He’s been nothing but respectful of her feelings, and despite the disturbing visit from Child Protective Services he received last week, things between the two are only going to get better…

In fact, as previewed in SOD, Thomas and Hope are going to “bond”, much to the chagrin of her husband Liam, we’re sure, given he’s become all but certain that Thomas is playing his wife again… and by “playing” he means “has become obsessed with her again”.

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As the week kicks off, Thomas will pay a visit to Hope to reassure her about Child Protective Services and let her know that their visit was totally unnecessary as Douglas was never in any danger with him. It sounds like she’ll believe him, as Bold & Beautiful spoilers indicate that Thomas will marvel at Hope’s ability to always see the good in him.

As they bond over wanting the best for Douglas, it’s a given that Thomas will say he suspects Brooke was behind the call, though he can’t mention the recording as he promised Walter he wouldn’t.

While it may be somewhat surprising to Hope to think that her mother went through with such a serious threat, it won’t be too much of a stretch for her to come to the same conclusion given that she knows where Brooke and Liam’s heads have been lately when it comes to Thomas — their determination that “Douglas must come home” has reached a fever pitch.

Knowing that her mother possibly put Douglas through a scary situation is going to push Hope further onto Thomas’ side, which is only going to ratchet up Liam’s anxiety even more, and upcoming spoilers tease that in the wake of this new development, the hapless hubby will come to fear Thomas’ endgame for Hope.

While it’s not clear that he even has one, we know that Thomas still loves Hope — he’s always been upfront about that — and if the two of them bond over this visit from Child Protective Services and both of them wanting the best for Douglas, he’s going to feel some kind of way about their new closeness.

It would be quite a plot twist for Hope to fall for Thomas for real, leave Liam, and send us down a whole different path storyline-wise, but unfortunately, we have a niggling suspicion that Thomas called CPS himself to set Brooke up and end her marriage to his father. Find out why we think that here.

If that is indeed the case, then the Bold & Beautiful writers are themselves setting Thomas up for a fall… one that is going to be much harder than the one he took off the cliff when he argued with Brooke in the past. How so? If Thomas bonds with Hope and is close to getting his heart’s desire only to lose her again when he’s exposed and falls from grace, it’s going to hurt all the more.

Furthermore, if he’s orchestrated this plot against Brooke, it’s unlikely anyone will still be able to champion his cause where Douglas is concerned, so he’ll lose out there too.

It’s kind of a bummer to see history repeat itself, and we have to wonder what will become of the Thomas character after such a hard fall.

There could still be a twist where it was Brooke who called CPS and Thomas wins Hope’s love, but we kinda doubt it given there’s also a spoiler that hints La Logan will get a hold of “important information” — likely to exonerate herself.

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