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“Bridget is Eric Forrester and Brooke Forrester.”

Ashley Jones is thrilled that she’s been on The Bold and the Beautiful quite a bit this year “getting to play these little arcs” of storylines as Bridget Forrester. But being greedy, this has left us wondering if perhaps the actress might be open to a full-time return. Could she fit it into her busy production schedule that includes directing LMN films like The Secret Lives of College Escorts?

“If something came up, I would have to really consider it,” she revealed during our recent chat. “I would 100% probably want to do it.” And although it would require a bit of a juggling acting for the working mom, she certainly isn’t opposed to the idea. “Good grief, I would be so lucky if I got to talk to you again and tell you the decision I had to make, if that opportunity presented itself!”

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Jones believes that “there’s a lot of story left to tell” with her character. “Bridget is Eric Forrester and Brooke Forrester, she’s their daughter, she’s a central character,” she enthused. She also considers The Bold and the Beautiful her acting home because “it was a coming-of-age” job for her. “I feel like I kind of grew up with her, and so it’s in that studio… and the Bell family,” she shared. “They are such a part of my heart and my career that I would always, always want to go back if they have something.”

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