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Like grandmother, like granddaughter! 

When it comes to unforgettable Bold & Beautiful scenes, few have managed to stick in viewers’ minds like Brooke’s epic horse ride as she raced to crash Taylor and Ridge’s wedding. One of the best things about it, though, was the fact that the show did not use a stunt double, as Katherine Kelly Lang did all the riding herself!

Well, OK, they did break out a double for that fall, but that’s a different story.

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Lang, of course, has long been an accomplished rider, and if anyone epitomizes the age-old idiom of “getting back on that horse,” it’s her! A riding accident back in the spring may have slowed her down briefly, but it didn’t even remotely diminish her love of horses.

So seeing her pass that passion on to her granddaughter, Zuma, is just far too adorable for words. Lang, though, shared a few as she posted the cutest photos and even a video of the tot learning how to handle a horse like a pro.

“Zuma’s first riding lesson,” the actress excitedly exclaimed. “The very first time she was on a pony was when Dom ‘Poppy’ took her to Griffith Park. This is the second time riding for her, and she looks like a pro! I am so proud of her. She loves horses! Just like me!”

OK, Zuma’s far more at ease on a pony than most of us full-grown adults ever will be! We guess some talents really do run in the family.

Lang went on to explain that, “She is learning to hold the reins, how to make the pony go and stop, how to sit the trot, how to steer, and she went on a little trail also.”‘

Color us impressed! It sounds like won’t be long before Zuma’s riding down a wedding of her own! But let’s hope she never gets stuck in a rivalry as messy as Brooke and Taylor’s.

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