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Can’t we all just get along? Apparently not…

When it comes to the world of The Bold and the Beautiful, there are “Tridge” fans and there are “Bridge” fans, and sometimes it seems like never the twain shall meet. That’s all well and good until viewers start attacking each other and the actors. Because sadly, as we all know, fandom plus the internet can too often turn into a toxic brew of opposing sides and very angry voices.

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Krista Allen understands the assignment in bringing Taylor to life, just as she grasps the risks that come with it and the wrath that her and her co-stars’ work can incur. She’s spoken out on the toxicity between opposing fan sides before, but this time, she tried a different tact in trying to calm things down.

“Actors get paid to dress up and breathe human life into a scripted character,” she tweeted, in order to “spark opposing views and historical perspectives that the audience will love or hate based on very personal beliefs of what is ‘right or wrong.'”

Allen gets that fans can watch the same scene and come to two totally different conclusions about what happened and who was at fault. That’s understandable, she tweeted in another response, as “both sides will see an event different — always. But when y’all attack each other or us, it’s super lame.”


“My job is literally to make one side happy and the other side big mad,” she added in a reply. She then went on to joke that, “naturally, I’m getting a huge bonus this year!”

But watching soaps should be more like rooting for your favorite sports team, rather than tearing into the humanity of the other side, whether that’s the actors or characters. OK, maybe the sports metaphor isn’t the greatest, seeing as how heated that can get… But the point is, this should be enjoyable!

In fact, see Allen’s first post above that kicked off the whole conversation. Actors play dress up — full stop!

When a fan pointed out how boring it would be if Brooke and Taylor were besties taking shots at the bar, Allen wholeheartedly agreed, writing that it “isn’t real life” and that “I want everyone to have more fun with it.”

So yes, maybe you hate Taylor and Steffy and Thomas and want them to stay away from Ridge and Hope and leave Brooke to her marriage. Or maybe you can’t stand Brooke or Hope and just want them to bow out and leave the Forresters to their life. Heck, maybe you even hate Ridge because, well, he’s self-admittedly selfish as all hell!

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But they’re characters. Get “big mad” at their actions as you love to hate them, because without them and their often idiotic actions, there be nothing watch what a bunch of people talking quietly as they sip tea and trade compliments. Don’t just hate them, their actors for bringing them to life and the fans who cheer them on.

There’s a word for that. What was it? Oh yeah, lame.

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