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It’s coming.

Bold & Beautiful’s Carter and Quinn made an unexpected connection, with Lawrence Saint-Victor and Rena Sofer sharing the kind of onscreen chemistry that is almost magical. As the pair fell into an affair, fans were captivated by the couple and began rooting for Quinn to leave her marriage to Eric to be with Carter. It happened eventually, but now we’re in a really strange place where something has to — and is about to — give.

Quinn finally made the choice to be with the man of her dreams after catching Eric romping with Donna, a scenario we were kind of expecting after McCook dropped a huge hint about which woman would be Eric’s endgame.

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In a comedic and desperate race against time, Quinn rushed from the health club to Il Giardino on a bicycle to stop Carter’s wedding to Paris — his attempt at moving on from his true love. In what was the closest call you’d ever want to see, Quinn made it just before they were pronounced husband and wife and she and Carter were reunited in a heartbeat — literally — it was one of the speediest wrap-ups we’ve seen on Bold & Beautiful.

The pair were gloriously happy in the aftermath, with the smiles on their faces only being wiped off briefly when Quinn tangled with Donna at Forrester Creations. Now, this was a rivalry we’d love to have seen more of but, alas, it was not to be.

Viewers began to realize that something was off with Quinn and Carter’s story, what with the quickie resolutions, and before we knew it the news broke that Rena Sofer had confirmed her exit as Quinn and would be leaving Bold & Beautiful. What was to become of “Quarter” and Carter after she was gone?

Not knowing how she’d be written out left us doing a lot of unnerving speculation, and while Sofer’s exit was an even bigger shock than we ever could have expected given that there was no exit at all written for Quinn, unfortunately, we’re taking a return trip to the unknown with a foreboding upcoming spoiler.

In SOD’s Fall Preview, it was revealed that “Carter’s life turns upside-down in a minute.” Guess what? It’s Fall and this ominous teaser is suddenly looming. What does it mean?

While his world would be rocked by Quinn being recast and suddenly having a new face, it probably means that the character of Quinn is going to be killed off.

We can’t help but wish that if they were going this way, they’d have gone before Sofer left, so we could at least see have seen her die in Carter’s arms. We know, we know, but it would have been devastatingly soapy.

Of course, it’s possible Carter’s world will be upended by Quinn suddenly disappearing or breaking up with him and leaving town, thus leaving the door open for a Sofer return in the future, but it’s going to be a stretch to believably explain why she’d do such a thing when the character finally has her heart’s desire.

Perhaps Carter’s life being turned upside-down will have nothing to do with Quinn and instead with his career… or as some fans have speculated in the past, Paris announcing she got pregnant when they last hooked up. Hmm… how long has it been?

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Look back on Quinn and Carter’s love affair in the gallery below.