Brooke calls CPS on Thomas
Credit: CBS screenshot

Brooke may have gone too far this time.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of September 26 – 30, the drama between Ridge’s children and Brooke heats up. Read about it below and watch the preview.

Ridge’s children have made no secret that they want their father back with their mother Taylor. While Steffy works left and right to sabotage Brooke and Ridge’s relationship, Taylor point blank told Brooke that they had to face the fact that Ridge was in love with both of them.

Steffy also pushed Thomas to take back his son from Hope, a decision Brooke and Hope were very much opposed to. Brooke confronted Thomas as he was cutting an apple for the boy about Douglas returning to his home with Hope. She was also fed up with Thomas and Steffy sabotaging her marriage to Ridge.

In the preview, Thomas, holding a knife, tells Brooke, “I’m serious if you keep it up!” Brooke thinks that sounds like a threat. She later warns Hope that she thinks Thomas is dangerous.

At the office, Thomas vents to Ridge that he wishes Brooke would stay out of their lives for good.

Later, Child Protection Services drops by the mansion to check on Thomas. Ridge seethes when he calls Brooke and asks if she called CPS on his son.

What do you think fans? Was Brooke in the right? Or should Thomas and Steffy stop meddling in their father’s love life?

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Video: CBS/YouTube