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It’s time for some a fresh take on a familiar character!

Sometimes all a show needs is one little jolt to liven things up in a big way. For a time, Sheila’s return was providing that jolt to Bold & Beautiful, but somehow, almost all the mayhem she had stirred up ended up getting undone. Granted, we’re still talking about Sheila here and so long as she’s around, there’s always the chance of disaster.

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But there is another character who could return to town, stir things up and not just rattle some couples, but also bring the fashion world front and center once again. And yes, we’re talking about Jackie Marone!

Luckily, we’re not the only ones thinking this! On a recent episode of Bold Live, supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk was chatting with Sean Kanan over Deacon’s past flings and, naturally, Jackie came up.

“I would love Jackie Marone to come back for an appearance on the show,” Kasprzyck admitted. “She is topnotch in terms of acting.”

Kanan agreed without hesitation and added that they’d “finish acting and go in the dressing room and she would tell me stories about Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson. The first movie she ever did was called Hanover Street with Harrison Ford. She played opposite Harrison Ford! She has worked with major, major, major A-list people. And there’s a reason — because she’s a brilliant actress!”

On top of that, “she’s naughty and has kind of this glint in her eye and I loved working with her.”

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That sounds like exactly what Deacon needs right now! Notice the difference between “naughty” and “psychotic.” He could do with someone who won’t try to kill him or his loved ones if she gets ticked at him.

Of course, it may not be great for Jackie’s health if Deacon and Sheila are still hot and heavy when she comes back looking for a little reunion, but we’re sure she can handle herself! Mostly. She survived a Stephanie slap or two. How much worse could Sheila be?

OK, maybe don’t answer that.

But on top Jackie giving Deacon an out, the Forresters could use some competition again. The show has felt stuck in a rut lately revolving around the Ridge/Taylor/Brooke triangle and the Forrester/Logan push-pull that comes with it.

Jackie M could move us beyond Steffy’s war on the Logans and Ridge’s never-ending bad decisions. Since Spectra went under with Sally’s move to Genoa City and Bill’s been largely backburnered lately, we haven’t gotten many business stories. It’s felt like ages since we’ve gotten a good fashion show, and now that they’re finally coming back, how about upping the stakes with them and giving Forrester a competitor!

And her return now that Eric and Donna reunited would be pure perfection! The two women went from allies to enemies real fast when they both tried seducing Eric at (literally!) the same time. Remember that little hot tub… “incident?”

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If things don’t pan out with Deacon, Jackie could always spice things up for Eric and Donna by moving in for the kill once more! Neither Donna nor Jackie could ever hold on for long when Stephanie was around, but now that she’s gone, may the best woman win!

Just imagine if she was the next woman found in Eric’s bed, not just cheating on Donna, but sleeping with the head of his family’s rival fashion house! This time, it could end up with Donna dunking her rival in the hot tub — or whatever body of water happens to be handy at the time.

So yes, please, please, please bring Jackie back. We need someone to jolt Bold & Beautiful out of the rut they’ve been in, and if anyone can do that, it’s her!

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