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Credit: Sean Smith/CBS via Getty Images

The CBS soap actor spent the day amid sunshine while making memories.

Since Thursday, September 15, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton (Liam) went from posting his first Instagram pic “in forever,” to staying in tune with his social media platform. After his yummy welcome-back photo, followers got to see a neat maze that he drew for his son, which led Ford on an adventure to find a key, defeat a dragon and use the key to unlock a treasure chest containing a magic torch that would take him to the finish line.

However, one of the cutest recent posts was a video, to which Clifton shared, “I heard you guys like the ones with people in them. Here’s two heads, eight limbs and four wheels.”

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Clifton filmed the whole scene, as he and Ford bicycled down the sidewalk near a park. We were stunned to see how big Ford has gotten. The not-so little one turned six this past May and was keeping up with his dad while shouting out, “Peace!”

Prior to that, the actor showed fans how he was keeping in shape with a video of him working out his legs. “Honestly didn’t know those muscles existed,” Clifton shared then admitted, “Also I can’t walk today.”

From there, he gave everyone a glimpse at a blinding scene after shining a flashlight into the eyes of a lady bug — poor lady!

And to round out his recent social activity, he posted a pic of two of the family’s pets, a cat and a dog, captioned, “Vigilance.”

We’ve enjoyed having him back on Instagram and look forward to whatever else he creates and/or comes across to share with the world!

You won’t want to miss another adorable photo of Clifton and a much-younger Ford in our gallery below filled with soap stars and their real-life kids.