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“I flipped out!” the CBS soap vet shared of the discovery that made her beyond happy.

Adrienne Frantz, known to soap viewers as Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless pot-stirrer Amber Moore was positively elated when she took to Instagram from her kitchen at home to share some good news and dole out some big thanks — specifically to Ryan Reynolds and “that Rob guy”.

Frantz, who was stationed by a frypan at the stove, along with husband Scott Bailey (Sandy, Guiding Light), happily cooked away (and he ate), as she related the tale of how she finally discovered a long-lost recipe that her great grandmother used to make for her as a treat when she was little.

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She explained that over the years she had searched for all kinds of recipes — cookies, scones, pancakes — never really knowing exactly what it was that her loved one, who passed away when she was just 9 years old, had been making for her back in the day.

That all changed when she and Bailey were watching an episode of Welcome to Wrexham, a docuseries featuring Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, that follows the pair as they navigate running the Wrexham football club.

During this particular episode, Frantz “flipped out” when they mentioned Welsh cakes and made her husband pause the show. She realized that these were the treats she had been “searching for my entire life!”

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Welsh cakes, as it turns out, are a traditional sweet bread from Wales that features dried fruit and is cooked on a griddle.

Her excitement about this discovery is not only adorable and contagious, it’s totally relatable! Who doesn’t love to recapture the nostalgia of something special shared with a loved one who is no longer with us?

Don’t miss the irresistible clip of Frantz below (and get a load of her cute kidlets munching on the Welsh cakes too)!

Check out the hilarious clip from Welcome to Wrexham featuring Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and most importantly, the Welsh cakes, below:

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