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How much would you sacrifice for love? 

While the seemingly never-ending battle between the Logan and Forrester families has usually centered on affairs of the heart, the past few weeks have seen the Bold & Beautiful clans bickering over the future of young Douglas.

Of course, it’s not as simple as all that, given that several relationships could be impacted by the fallout, including that of Ridge and the two women between whom he’s trying to decide. Ironically, even as Hope and Thomas have been doing their best to navigate the tricky custodial waters without too much rocking of the proverbial boat, everyone around them — including Brooke, Taylor and Liam — have amped up the drama to the point where something has to give.

Or a deal has to be struck.

What if two birds could be killed with one stone? Imagine Hope suggesting she and Taylor have a hush-hush meeting in the office of the world-renowned psychiatrist. Upon arriving, Hope might take a deep breath — as if questioning whether she can even utter the words she’s about to say — before laying her cards on the table and making a shocking offer: Hope will agree to let Thomas have full custody of Douglas… if Taylor will stop pursuing Ridge.

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Think about it: Each woman would be making a sacrifice. And of course, because this deal could only be struck in secret, the stakes would be enormous. Because as we all know, nothing remains secret on soaps. Sooner or later, the truth would come to light. Ridge, believing Taylor had broken things off with him (and maybe taken up with Deacon or Jack, if only to convince her favorite ex they were really, truly over), would again find himself torn. Brooke would be rocked by the revelation that she hadn’t truly “won” her battle against Taylor so much as been handed Ridge on a silver platter.

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The ramifications would be as epic as they would be far-reaching. Upon eventually learning of Hope’s sacrifice, might Thomas find himself more drawn to — and obsessed with — her than ever? And finding out that his wife went behind his back to strike this secret deal might not sit well with Liam, possibly even creating the kind of fracture in their marriage through which Thomas could slither!

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