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“Deacon probably knows the right people from the underbelly of society.”

Things aren’t looking good for The Bold and the Beautiful’s Deacon. Oh, so far, he’s managed to juggle hurricane Sheila’s return while being there for Hope as she’s faced Thomas’ attempts to spend more time with his son, which… Actually, when you put it that way, he’s not doing bad at all!

But that doesn’t change the fact that his window for getting rid of his uninvited houseguest is rapidly closing. What’s worse, Deacon may be falling for Sheila — and that just will not do.

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The thing is, she’s made it clear she’s not leaving, and at this point, Deacon’s chance to turn her in has come and gone. He’s given her safe haven for too long, and in that time, she’s gotten dangerously close to snatching her grandson right out from under Steffy and Finn’s noses.

No, there’s just no way Deacon can get Sheila out of his hair the legal way without going down with her. All that’s left is taking her out through some underhanded means.

Fortunately, that’s something Sean Kanan has put thought into! When a fan asked him how he’d eliminate Sheila on a recent Bold Live, the actor launched right into a plan as if he’d been waiting for this moment from the day she showed up on Deacon’s doorstep!

First off, he explained, Deacon would “call up one of his buddies that he met in prison. He’s going to get her on some kind of a transportation out of town.”

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“Sheila, if you don’t get in that kidnap van, I’m going to regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of my life!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Well, who would have known that trying to kill Quinn might just have been the best thing he’s ever done? Sure, it derailed his life a little, but Deacon paid his debt to society and returned determined to be a better father to Hope. And if it gave him the means to get rid of the likes of Sheila, we say it’s a win!

“He’s going to maybe create a little bit of a network with some of his prison contacts,” Kanan continued, “and say, ‘You know what, Sheila, in another place and another time, you and I could’ve been magic, but you need to get the hell out.’”

Clearly, just saying that has gotten him nowhere so far, but that plus his prison buddies not really giving her a choice might tip the scales. Of course, you may notice that Kanan’s just talking about having Sheila dragged off somewhere — not about ending her for good. And that could be a grave error if it ends up ticking her off enough that, once she gives Deacon’s prison buddies the slip, she comes back to town gunning for him!

Fortunately, there might be a way around that too.

He could try “giving her every cent that he has,” Kanan suggested in a testament to just how desperate Deacon may be. “Although it sounds like Sheila has money.”

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But maybe if she knew that he was making sacrifices to get her gone too, it might keep her from going full vengeance on him. Maybe. Then again, once she’s gone, Deacon might want to spend the rest of his life sleeping with one eye open.

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