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We’re expecting the unexpected when it comes to upcoming pivotal scenes.

Bold & Beautiful’s Ridge Forrester is nothing if not predictable. But teasers from the CBS soap opera’s camp have us wondering if the Dressmaker is about to turn all we thought we knew about him upside-down in pivotal upcoming scenes.

Ridge’s current wife Brooke and ex-wife Taylor, are duking it out over him on a daily basis once again, and the perpetual flip-flopper seems to be on the precipice of having to decide which woman he truly wants to be with, you know, for good.

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“But,” you’re thinking, “He’s married! What’s to decide?” Well, let us tell you a little something about Bold & Beautiful logic. Ridge may be married but he hasn’t fully recommitted yet to the union after electing to move out when Brooke kissed Deacon on New Year’s Eve. You must understand that this means Brooke, despite being his wife, still can’t relax in the knowledge that she’s really most sincerely bagged her man.

In fact, he’s been doing an awful lot of canoodling with Taylor on the heels of the pair sharing a not only romantic but also magical kiss in Monte Carlo.

Nonetheless, Ridge had no problem judging Brooke for appearing in a photo with Deacon while he was overseas macking on his ex. Of course, he and Taylor had witnessed a miracle so a makeout session was excusable.
taylor ridge kiss mashup bb

Anywho, despite Ridge and Taylor’s many flirtations, including intimate moments shared at the suddenly frequent Forrester family dinners and Taylor’s naughty note left on his desk, he’s remained back under Brooke’s roof and in her bed.

All that would seem to be about to change, however, when Ridge finds Brooke in Bill’s arms in her living room. We all know how he’s going to react to catching her embracing her former husband and Ridge’s most loathed rival… or do we?

History tells us that Ridge will blow his stack, refuse to listen to explanations of any sort, and hightail it straight over to his daughter’s place in Malibu where he will inform Taylor that he’s chosen her. This is just how he rolls.
brooke cries over ridge bb

The designer has been feeling torn between Brooke and Taylor and perhaps looking for a sign, or a way to make a choice. So, his wife’s actions, which will reinforce all of the warnings his family has given him about her disappointing him again, would, in effect, make the decision for him.

Except, we have a feeling Ridge is going to shock everyone this go ’round and forgive Brooke right out of the gate.

“What?!?”, you’re thinking. “Ridge being understanding? Especially where Bill is concerned? Never.” We get it, but a recent Bold & Beautiful announcement left us all but sure that he’ll stay with Brooke.

On the last episode of Bold Live!, executive producer Casey Kasprzyk revealed an upcoming location shoot in Aspen that will involve the characters Ridge, Brooke, Taylor… and Steffy.

If the triangle ended its latest chapter with Ridge walking out on Brooke after seeing her hugging Bill, there would be no reason for the trio to be in Aspen. Perhaps it is in Colorado where the outcome will finally be decided, and maybe with a little help from Steffy, who is notoriously adept at making things go her way while visiting the famed resort area.

So, what will go down after Ridge opens the front door to see his wife in a clinch with Dollar Bill looking panicked? Maybe he has a guilty conscience over his stolen moments with Taylor (nah) or maybe it’s because Bill helped Finn, but we’re gonna guess that the usually hot-headed designer will stun Brooke and his rival by keeping his cool. Or maybe he’ll flip out and just cool off afterward. Either way, we’re betting he doesn’t dump his Logan.

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