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Deacon’s got some unfinished business to address.

It’s the crossover that was inevitable from the moment Diane showed up alive on Young & Restless with the news that Bold & Beautiful’s Deacon helped her fake her death — and set Nikki up to take the fall! As if the blonde was just going to let that slide from the man she once called “husband!” Not a chance in hell.

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The showdown between exes begins on September 20th and 21st when Sean Kanan will be visiting Young & Restless before continuing on September 26 when Melody Thomas Scott visits Bold & Beautiful. And it all starts, Kanan explained on the latest Bold Live, with a text — an anonymous one at that!

“He doesn’t know who it’s from and it requests his presence at a Beverly Hills hotel,” Kanan explained. “When he shows up, he comes face to face with his ex-wife Nikki, and he has no idea — well, he has some idea.

“I shouldn’t say he has no idea,” the actor amended. “He’s not exactly sure, is she in town and looking…”

At that point, Bold & Beautiful producer Casey Kasprzyk cut in and said folks would just have to watch — though it wasn’t before we were left wondering exactly what Deacon thinks his former missus is looking for! Does Deacon know she’s there looking for retribution or is he maybe hoping she wants to “reconnect?” If it’s the latter, well, Deacon, we’ve got news for you: She’s married!

Then again, that hasn’t exactly stopped him pining after Brooke. Plus, it kind of fits in with his whole twisted relationship with Nikki. A fan reminisced during the interview about how hot and steamy their fling was… but also highly unhealthy!

“Has Deacon had a healthy relationship?” Kanan mused. “I don’t think the guy’s ever had a healthy relationship!” Deacon and Nikki were pretty much “a lot of booze, a lot of sex.”

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Nikki’s going to get Deacon in the hot seat once more… but maybe this time she won’t need handcuffs!

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And then he helped frame her for a nonexistent murder… But hey, que sera sera, right? Though his time with Nikki is only one small drop in the bucket of his misdeeds, Kanan did acknowledge that, “Deacon’s made so many mistakes in life.” He wants to be a standup guy, but his own past keeps dragging him down.

But that’s what makes this crossover great for him! Here’s an opportunity for Deacon to rise above his past, or at least maybe assuage his guilt a little and give Nikki what she wants on Diane.

Also, he’s got enough on his plate already, so it’s probably best to just give Nikki whatever she wants and get back to living in a constant state of panic as he tries to keep Sheila from blowing up his life!

Fortunately, Kanan’s relationship with Scott is far healthier than Deacon’s past with Nikki or his present with Sheila.

They filmed the scenes a few weeks back, he said, “and we just fell back into this familiarity that we had when we were working consistently together. She and I hadn’t really seen each other in a long time. And we hadn’t talked, either. We just fell right back into it. I think we were able to bring some stuff that wasn’t necessarily on the page to those scenes.”

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“But,” he conclude, “that’s kind of like what we get paid to do.”

Well, whatever extra depth they add, we’ll be there to dive right in! About all that’s left now is to follow Kasprzyk’s advice and tune in to watch their dance starting next week!

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