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Excuse us while we look outside to make sure that pigs aren’t flying.

Well-played, Bold & Beautiful. And perhaps, well-played, Thomas, too. He’s been so good — for him, anyway — for so long that everyone believes that it’s not mousse that keeps his hair in place but a halo. Everyone, that is, but Liam.

A New Man

As the topic of Douglas’ custody and living arrangements has grown ever hotter, Thomas has been playing nicely. No paint fights for him! He’s also been ensuring that Hope remains a part of the family portrait that he’s painting.

Now, you could argue that Thomas is just being sensitive, both to his son and to the woman that he chose to be her adoptive mother. Why would he want to upset either of them? He wouldn’t. That just makes sense and requires no leap of logic whatsoever.

Thomas, Liam B&B

“I got my eye on you. Both of ’em!”

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A Wolf in Designer Clothing?

On the other hand, you could suspect, as Liam does, that Thomas is subtly manipulating the situation to reel Hope in — and nudge him out. And this time, Thomas is being a whole lot smarter about it than when his brain tumor was making him extra skeevy toward Hope. He’s coming off sincere instead of sneaky — so sincere that Hope could wind up being sucked in by what amounts to an act.

All the while, Liam will be left on the sidelines saying, “Um, are you actually buying this?” with everybody looking back at him like, “Hell, yeah! Hook, line and sinker!” He could be 100-percent correct about Thomas and his true intentions — and no one would believe him.

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“C’mon, Liam, it’s not like Thomas is Sheila!”

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When Right Goes Wrong

As Liam voices his hunch about Thomas ever more loudly, it will irritate Hope and at the same time alienate his other babymama, Steffy — you know, Thomas’ sister. Hope could even begin to see Liam as too immature to handle being a part of a blended family like theirs. Maybe, she might think, life would be simpler for all involved if she and Thomas coupled up and she and Liam co-parented from separate homes.

If Liam is right, that’s likely the long game that Thomas is playing. And if his rival needs any extra ammo, all he need do is refer the Forresters and Logans to this photo gallery, a long list of all the times that Liam has blundered.