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There’s only one way the brazen “Lina” can get into the house.

Bold & Beautiful’s Sheila is nothing if not over-confident and where that’s going to take her next could be a real hair-raiser, not only for Deacon, who is along for the ride against his will but also for her unwitting son…

When Sheila turned up in Los Angeles again sporting a fiery red wig, glasses, a prosthetic mask, and lipstick, she set her sights firmly on her target — Deacon. Given that the scene was dark and shadowy — and Sharpe was as drunk as a skunk — we could almost believe that she managed to get him into bed without ever suspecting her true identity. Especially since she didn’t speak.

Morning dawned and along with it realization and horror as Deacon indulged in a bit of sexy foot-play with the redhead only to discover that she was missing a toe — a subject a little too fresh in his mind given that the digit was put on display by the cops as evidence of Sheila’s demise.

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Deacon tried to oust the madwoman from his new digs after discovering “momma” was back but to no avail.

After a close shave with his parole officer, who Sheila hoodwinked with a southern accent from behind the bathroom door, the reformed con panicked anew and told his self-proclaimed “roomie” that this wasn’t going to work. Unsurprisingly, Sheila had another ace up her sleeve — she could offer money — loads of it. Of course, no one would be suspicious of Deacon suddenly acquiring a fortune, not at all. Yeesh.

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Deacon was lured in by this despite himself, but even the promise of cold hard cash wasn’t enough when Hope showed up while Sheila was in the apartment.
Hope Sheila door B&B

In a turn that left some Bold & Beautiful fans asking, “Does Hope need glasses?” Sheila, who didn’t appear to be in disguise when Hope first appeared in the doorway, somehow donned the red wig and glasses and turned to face Deacon’s daughter. Trotting out the southern accent again, Sheila put her charade to the test — and Michelina — Lina for short — was born.

Although Hope sensed something familiar about “Lina” she left none the wiser that Sheila was in fact alive and seducing her father on a regular basis.

Managing to fool Hope must have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the psychopath as Bold & Beautiful spoilers hint that Sheila will devise a new plan to see Finn and put it into action despite Deacon’s warnings.

We can only imagine what the emboldened fugitive will come up with… in fact, we did try to imagine what scheme she would set in motion.

Knowing that Sheila wants to not only be close to Finn but also to her grandson Hayes, the first thought that came to mind was downright chilling, like the premise for a thriller-of-the-week television movie.

What if Sheila decides she’s going to be Hayes’ new nanny? It’s outrageously brazen, but how else is she going to get into that house if not by posing as “Lina”? And what better way to not only immerse herself in the family but even endear herself to them, than by making herself indispensable and winning over the kids? They seemed to like her at Christmas…
Sheila Christmas B&B

We just hope the long-standing current nanny, Amelia, announces that she’s taking a leave of absence or something because, otherwise, it’s not looking good for her if Sheila has her mind set on being her replacement.

Of course, there are other ways Sheila could get close to the son who loathes her and believes her to be dead. “Lina” could become his new receptionist at the office, for example, but that doesn’t get her into the house or allow her to ingratiate herself with the family in quite the same way.

The success of this plot would, of course, be dependent on her disguise and accent passing muster with everyone she comes in contact with at the house — including the likes of Taylor and Ridge. Could it possibly work?!? It’s Bold & Beautiful, so we’re gonna say yes!

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What do you think Sheila’s plan will involve? What are you hoping will happen in her storyline? Share your comments below.

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