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A conversation about Brooke and Taylor’s rivalry took a totally unexpected turn!

After their characters’ colorful recent throwdown, Bold & Beautiful’s Krista Allen (Taylor) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) got together to dish the scenes, and at one point, the banter took an unforeseen turn when the chat turned to the dilemma involving Ridge…

Allen and Lang first gave some inside scoop on the filming of the paint fight, which Allen gushed was “so much fun.” Amazingly, Lang revealed, “We just did it once, and then we had a couple of little pick-ups.”

Allen explained that, originally, the scene had “Kelly falling into paint,” but she couldn’t do it because of her ankle injury, which is still healing. Lang had to be very careful and didn’t want to slip. The gals chatted about the details of the showdown and the blonde admitted it took her three days to get the paint out of her hair afterward!

The actresses also revealed that they made the choice to add some levity to the fight for their characters, and didn’t want it to be “too serious and mean.”

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The conversation took a turn after one of the fans on the IG live remarked that they love Brooke and Taylor scenes. Allen gushed that they’re her favorite and Lang recalled that Brooke and Stephanie used to fight all the time, but in the end they both wanted the same thing — for Ridge to be happy — and the same is true for Brooke and Taylor.

Allen laughed as she pointed out that Brooke and Taylor each want the man they love to be happy… but with them. Lang added, “With one of us… or both of us.” Allen then leapt in with, “We should be sister wives, what do you think?” Lang laughed, “We’d have to move to Utah.” Allen chimed in, “That would be a location shoot — we love location shoots.” As the two chuckled, Allen added, “Oh my gosh, that would be a whole new show.”

As luck would have it, Brad Bell teased an upcoming location shoot in SOD‘s fall preview. During this time, it was previewed that Ridge would make a choice that will “changes lives and the dynamics of families forever.” Welp, becoming sister wives would certainly fill that bill!

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Watch the full reel below to discover which two characters’ names Allen and Lang always mix up (and the funny reason why) and to see who pops into the chat unexpectedly, presenting a technical challenge!

Do you think Ridge is set to choose Taylor over Brooke and change things up? If so, will it merely be temporary? Who would you want to see a single Brooke get involved with next? Let us know in the comment section below.

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