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Will there be a plot twist in which Sharpe sticks around… and sticks it to Ridge?!?

Bold & Beautiful is not known for being subtle and the recent rhetoric with regard to Deacon’s future has made it quite clear where the latest pickle he’s gotten himself into is headed… unless he can do something to turn it all around.

Of course, it’s true to character for Deacon to be in trouble — or to be the trouble — but there’s a twist this time around. Deacon has truly cleaned up his act and genuinely wants to have a relationship with his daughter Hope, which he has successfully re-established.

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But all signs point to Deacon messing up again and losing all he’s fought to gain. Actually, he is messing up by not turning Sheila in, and fans who are rooting for him are bristling:

Sure, Deacon feels trapped, but he could probably hightail it to the police station and cut a deal at any time and get himself out of this jam. In fact, he’d probably come out looking like a hero for revealing that Sheila’s alive and getting her off the streets — which would really chap the behind of one Ridge Forrester.

Ridge is the character that Bold & Beautiful is using as the main conduit for the foreshadowing of Deacon’s downfall, which he loudly predicts at every opportunity. In fact, he’s been so over the top about it that he’s dropped some downright shocking pronouncements!

When the hot-headed designer showed up at Deacon’s place of work to confront him about taking a photo with Brooke, he actually made it sound like he hated him even more than Sheila. While spitting venom at Deacon on a level to disturb the patrons of Il Giardino, and predicting the con would revert to his old ways, Ridge declared that Sheila was killed by a bear because she had nowhere to turn, and no one to talk to except for people like Deacon! It sure sounded like he had sympathy for the woman who shot his daughter and her husband while having none for Deacon who has tried to turn his life around.

Later, at Brooke’s place, as she defended Hope having a relationship with her father, Ridge rudely blurted, “What kind of crazy woman would want to have a relationship with Deacon?” Um, the two women standing in the room with you, who you claim to love and care about. Yeesh.

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Ridge, of course, has no idea how close to the truth he is, as Deacon’s continuing association with Sheila is bringing danger to his loved ones — she didn’t pick up a sharp object when Hope came through the apartment door unexpectedly for nothing. Nonetheless, he’s being so insufferable that the idea of him being proven right and lording it over everyone is about as appealing as it was when Liam sounded the alarm bell about Thomas back in the day and then got to tell the naysayers, “I told you so.”

While Deacon could man up and deal with his Sheila problem, there’s not much drama in him turning her in. It’s more likely this will all come to a head in a much more shocking fashion. Will Ridge’s foreshadowing that Deacon is destined to hurt Hope again prove to be true? The writing certainly seems to be on the wall, but there could be a satisfying plot twist in which Deacon changes what seems to be a predictable outcome.

Fans who want Sharpe to stick around — and stick it to Ridge — are certainly hoping he’ll find a way out of the significant jam he’s in with Sheila. Keep an eye out for an upcoming story on how he might manage to do just that!

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What’s your take on Ridge predicting Deacon’s downfall? Are you hoping he’ll be proven right or wrong? Let us know in the comment section below.

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