rena sofer and Lawrence saint-victor
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“I wanted something that symbolized us.”

Viewers who tuned in to The Bold and the Beautiful on Monday, August 29, got their last look at Rena Sofer as Quinn and the following day, the actress made one of her final social media posts from the CBS Studios, to which she dedicated to her co-star Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) and to “all the ‘Quarter’ fans.”

Last week, we showed our readers the special gift Sofer made for John McCook (Eric) and now she gave everyone a peek at what she created for Saint-Victor.

“I wanted something that symbolized us,” Sofer began, as she held up her latest creation of a woman covered in gold and silver. “She’s got motion and grooves and body and power and she’s chiseled… because Lawrence is chiseled.”

She then turned the piece around to show the two hearts on the back “for the love that Quinn and Carter had for each other” and for the love that she has for Lawrence Saint-Victor.

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Sofer reflected on when they started their storyline together and how she told Saint-Victor, “You’re a leading man.” Along with Denise Richards (Shauna), Sofer stressed that he needed to believe he was a leading man. He’d been on the soap a long time and he needed to claim his space — and he did. “I’m so proud of him,” she expressed. “I’m so proud of the work that we did together… the couple that we created for all of you to share.”

She wanted everyone to know the reason that Carter is so sweet and as wonderful as he is “is because he comes from Lawrence Saint-Victor. That is who he is.”

Next, Sofer addressed her co-star in regards to the gift and said, “I hope you love it and you fill it with wonderful things and wonderful memories and know that you are appreciated and I’m going to miss you… I’m going to miss all of you.”

In response to Sofer’s video, Saint-Victor shared, “Words can’t describe how deeply moved I am. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.”

He stressed that it was a physical manifestation not just of Carter but of Quinn as well. “‘Quarter’ worked so well, because we knew we had each other’s backs,” he continued. “Anytime I felt frustrated or uncomfortable, all I had to do was look into your eyes before they called action, and there it was… endless support and safety.”

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Not only was it “an absolute honor” to work with her, Saint-Victor cherishes “every single moment” that they had together and stated, “I love you Rena.”

Oh, how we are going to miss seeing these two talented stars light up the screen together and we wish Sofer our very best in whatever the future may hold.

Join us as we look back at Carter and Quinn’s romance in our photo gallery below.