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Bold & Beautiful star’s final episode had us going, “Whaaa…?!”

After Rena Sofer’s cryptic social media post left fans wondering if she was leaving Bold & Beautiful, she soon confirmed her exit as Quinn Fuller Forrester and the next thing we knew her last on air date was upon us…

When we learned that Sofer’s last day would be Monday August 29 and Bold & Beautiful spoilers previewed a scene with Carter and Quinn sharing a romantic and sexy dinner, we simply thought they’d left out the juicy part… you know, the part where Quinn exits.

Shockingly, as it turned out, there was no juicy part!

Carter and Quinn enjoyed the most romantic of dinners, even if it did take place in the office, which is a far cry from their loft love nest, and “Quarter” fans were treated to them expressing their love and kissing… a lot. There was no final romp, and there was no explanation as to how or why Quinn would exit.
Carter Quinn kiss B&B

We thought the subject of Carter wanting kids might have come up and Quinn, wanting her love to have everything he deserves and desires, might announce she was leaving to allow him someone who could give him that. Sure, that would have been a stretch after her stopping his wedding to Paris, who wanted to give him just that, but it would have been something.

So, what’s happening with Quinn? We can think of three possible scenarios:

Baby’s Going Back-Burner

Like so many soap characters before her, maybe Quinn will continue to exist but not be seen onscreen. Think of the elusive Shauna and Flo — we know they’re still out there somewhere but we never see them. Carter could continue to speak of Quinn, but when holiday time comes, she’ll be said to be traveling to visit someone (maybe Shauna) back in Vegas. Of course, we never got a scene of her going up the stairs in the loft and never coming down a la All My Children’s Bobby Martin, and Quinn is too important of a character to put that far on the back-burner, so this may be the least likely scenario.

Death Becomes Her

We noticed Quinn asked for more wine after her surprise dinner with Carter, which left us wondering if we should be bracing ourselves for the character’s death — offscreen. Will Carter get worried when Quinn doesn’t show up at home after she finishes all her work that night and later be devastated to learn she was involved in a car crash after over-imbibing? It would drive story moving forward, but we’d hate to see poor Carter deal with that kind of guilt after such a beautiful and romantic gesture… what a horrible way that would be to end “Quarter”! We haven’t spied any spoilers about people being “shattered” and such either, so again, maybe this isn’t the way they’ll go.

Filling Her Stilletos

Perhaps the reason that nothing “happened” with Quinn to explain Rena Sofer’s exit is that the character isn’t going anywhere. Will Bold & Beautiful recast the role of Eric’s ex and Carter’s main squeeze? This seems a likely possibility under the circumstances as Quinn is involved in a romance with a central character who is remaining on the canvas and Sofer revealed that she was asked to stay on in a recurring capacity after her contract expired but declined.

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What do you think is going to happen with the character of Quinn now that Sofer has officially concluded her run in the role? Is there anyone you could imagine playing the part of Quinn? Share your thoughts with us on this, and on “Quarter’s” final scenes, in the comment section.

Look back on Sofer’s run as Quinn Fuller Forrester in the gallery below.