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Things could shift on a dime! Well, maybe on a quarter.

If there’s one constant in the daytime world, it’s that, well, nothing is constant — especially not relationships! Best friends can become mortal enemies and love can sour into hate. And sometimes, the opposite can happen! At least, that’s what Bold & Beautiful‘s Scott Clifton explained about Liam and Thomas during their recent Bold Live interview.

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Take, for instance, Liam’s thoughts about Douglas moving in with Thomas. Liam, Clifton explained, certainly has his doubts, but “the one thing that Liam doesn’t question is that Thomas loves Douglas.”

The actor likened his character’s reaction to Thomas as having “just has a little bit of post-traumatic stress disorder.” Which, you know, is kind of understandable after all Liam went through with Douglas and Hope and baby Beth and that knockdown drag out fight on the rooftop!

So while it’s not necessarily that Liam thinks Thomas is still a horrible person, Clifton explained that “I think Liam is just being cautious, just because of the history.”

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But, as Atkinson explained, Thomas has been doing a lot of work on himself to not just become a good father, but also a decent man.

So while Liam’s wary of Thomas, especially when it comes to Douglas, Clifton shrugged that “that’s just the nature of their relationship — as of now. Thomas and Liam’s relationship could always change.”

Look at Wyatt and Liam, he suggested. They used to be at each other’s throats, and now it’s nothing but brotherly love. Granted, Thomas isn’t Liam’s brother, so they don’t exactly have those blood ties to pull them together but… he’s kind of family? He’s Kelly’s uncle! And Douglas’ father, while Liam is the kid’s other father.

“There’s always room in the future for them to, not only reconcile, but grow to love each other,” Clifton admitted.

And if Liam’s only hold up with agreeing that Thomas should get more time with Douglas is the man’s colorful history, then if he ever grew to trust and love Thomas as family, he could very easily change his tune.

“But,” Clifton added, “we’re not there yet.”

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