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Like most things family-related, everyone has an opinion.

By now, we all have a pretty good idea of where everyone on The Bold and the Beautiful falls in the Douglas custody drama. Because make no mistake, lines have been drawn. There just doesn’t seem to be a place for neutrality. (No matter how much Ridge may wish otherwise!)

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Steffy’s ready to burn her truce with Hope to the ground, Taylor’s telling Brooke that she’s an impediment to Ridge being their for his son and Thomas, of course, just wants to spend more time with his boy!

But while many fans are willing to give him another chance with his boy, there are still plenty of folks out there who still remember the harm Thomas did to Douglas – and why he’s sharing custody with Hope to begin with!

But does that mean he shouldn’t get another chance to be a better dad?

Matthew Atkinson shared his thoughts on the most recent Bold Live and while it’s not a requirement to agree with your character or their actions, the actor certainly has his own thoughts on Thomas’ parental fitness.

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“Do I remember convincing you a ghost was haunting you? Hmm, let me think on that… No. Nope, no idea what you’re talking about.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“Personally, from what I’ve seen,” he began, “it’s been about the last year-and-a-half at least of Thomas really, really making an effort to double and triple check his own state of being.”

He knows he’s made mistakes. He knows he had an unhealthy obsession with Hope and that bled into his relationship with his son. Plus, there was his brain bleed that made him downright unstable as he started listening to that Hope doll. But he’s made it past that and has been changing himself for the better.

“He’s definitely focused on telling the truth and putting everyone else’s needs above his own,” Atkinson mused. “I’d say, given that, absolutely, I think that he could set a great example for Douglas.”

This hasn’t been an act or an angle. It’s been Thomas making himself into the father that Douglas always deserved. He doesn’t just want to shower the kid with love, but show him a genuinely good example of how to live his life.

When put that way, doesn’t he deserve a second chance? Atkinson thinks so. Thomas “definitely deserves more time with his son,” he concluded.

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But now comes the hard part: Convincing Hope. And that may take a whole lot more than the power of his conviction. Let’s just hope that they manage to work it out before a messy legal battle gives Douglas a whole new reason to be traumatized from all his parents.

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