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We thought that their days of feuding were behind them. Silly us.

The Bold and the Beautiful hasn’t just set the stage for another round of Brooke vs. Taylor, it’s laid the groundwork for a major return to Steffy and Hope’s age-old feud, too. For the most part in recent years, the stepsisters have maintained a civil relationship, at least when Liam wasn’t flip-flopping and Deacon wasn’t being lumped into the same villainous category as Sheila. (The guy’s no saint, but c’mon… )

A Line in the Sand

Now, however, Steffy is behaving much like grandma Stephanie would’ve and is steamrolling through Hope’s discussions of Douglas’ living arrangements with Thomas. Whereas Hope is “walking a very fine line,” Annika Noelle tells Soap Opera Digest, Steffy is coming out swinging with her “Forresters belong with Forresters” nonsense — as if blended families don’t exist (and as if, were that the case, Liam couldn’t argue of Kelly that Spencers belong with Spencers).

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“I’m gonna tell you this once, kid, so listen close.”

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“Needless to say, it’s disappointing” that Steffy would take such a stance, Noelle observes. “Steffy coming at [Hope] like that doesn’t help the situation. And if we’re going by that mindset, then we need to remember who urged Hope to become a mother figure for Douglas to begin with.”

In other words, Thomas. 

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Think First, Speak Second

As this storyline goes on, the actress hopes that viewers discuss it “with respect and sensitivity so as to not invalidate many adoptive families’ experiences.” And while the audience might pull that off, Steffy, it would seem, has no interest in doing so. She’s completely disregarding both the circumstances that led to Hope becoming Douglas’ legal mother and the love and care that she has poured into that role to adhere to a highly simplistic “Forresters for Forresters” mentality.

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“We’re involved in this storyline, too!”

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Hate to bring this up, but would now be a good time to remind Steffy that her own father isn’t a biological Forrester? Ridge learned eons ago, before Thorsten Kaye gave the dressmaker untold depth, that his dad was Massimo Marone. So, given Steffy’s way of thinking, should Thomas not be crashing at Eric’s but Mojo’s? Should Ridge not always have his nose at the ready to butt into the life of the man who raised him but the one who sired him?

“You stopped being my biological father when I stopped being Ridge, buddy.”

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Food for thought, eh? While you’re digesting, review Steffy and Hope’s long-running animosity here and check out the below photo gallery to see where they learned such behavior: from the never-ending fighting between moms Taylor and Brooke!