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It’s Forrester versus Logan in a literal *riot* of color!

Brooke and Taylor’s storied and hotly-debated history on Bold & Beautiful dates back to the early 1990s when they began vying for the attention of a certain Forrester man, and no, we don’t mean Eric (although they’ve both been involved with him too). Incredibly, three decades later, the pair are still butting heads over who will ultimately land Ridge…

The Brooke/Ridge/Taylor love triangle, arguably one of soaps’ most well-known, came about when Taylor formed a connection with Ridge while treating his wife Caroline Spencer when she was dying of leukemia. Caroline asked Brooke, who was smitten with the wealthy designer, to look after her husband once she was gone… and it was on. Boy, was it on!

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What followed was thirty years (off and on) of Ridge Forrester flip-flopping and battling between Brooke and Taylor (and their families), with the women running the gamut from nit-picking and squabbles to slaps to full-on catfights.

Remarkably, they didn’t always fight about Ridge — the ladies found plenty of other fodder to fight about over the years, including but not limited to: Nick, Rick, Thomas, Bill, Forrester Creations, and of course, their daughters’ love lives when Steffy and Hope grew up and began taking after them by competing for the same man.
Brooke taylor confrontation B&B

Taylor’s latest return from doing her missionary work in Africa had Brooke on high alert. Nonetheless, the two had been reasonably civil aside from a dust-up in the hospital when the blonde took exception to her rival wanting Steffy, who had amnesia, to be allowed to believe Liam was her husband and not Hope’s.

Steffy regained her memory and that situation settled down, and you’d think the subsequent return of Finn from the dead would have made everything that much better, but the miracle of his resurrection instead acted as a catalyst for a new beef.

Taylor and Ridge traveled together to Monaco and witnessed Steffy and Finn’s reunion, which led to a close moment between the two that ended in a romantic kiss on an overlook. Well, his wife Brooke wasn’t at all happy about that news when he came clean, and as you might expect went to confront her rival.

Things escalated when the two then got into it about Thomas and Hope’s shared custody of Douglas — now a bone of contention because the young designer wants to move the boy back in with him. Taylor decided she wouldn’t be backing down to keep the peace any longer, just as Brooke decided to take things to a whole other level by declaring that she wouldn’t “allow” Thomas to take his son from Hope’s home, and then accusing Taylor of using the situation with her grandson to get her hooks back into Ridge.

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The fighters went to their corners after that round, but it’s only a matter of time until that bell dings and they go at it again, and Bold & Beautiful spoilers tease that it may be Brooke and Taylor’s messiest fight yet as the gals will use Douglas’ paints to, erm, express what they’re feeling about each other!
Taylor Brooke paint fight B&B

Ridge, who has interests on both sides of the battle over Douglas, will find himself quite literally caught in the middle of Taylor and Brooke’s mischievous melee as he tries to break it up. It’s a position he’s found himself in quite often over the years.
Brooke Taylor Ridge paint B&B

As we look forward to Brooke and Taylor’s “hysterical” paint fight, join us in looking back at their impressive history of throwdowns, scraps, and acrimonious attacks.

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