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Credit: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

It’s all in a day’s work — after a workout — at home for the CBS soap star.

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) has delivered the cute factor numerous times before with videos of her adorable granddaughter Zuma. However, in the latest reels, little Zuma goes behind the camera and directs the main star — her beautiful grandma!

“This made me crack up,” Lang shared, along with three videos that were taken following her workout. “Zuma, my granddaughter is trying to videotape me and at the same time she is directing me on how to pose!”

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Now, if anyone other than Zuma was trying to instruct Lang, a veteran actress, on how to pose there might have been an issue but she just loves spending time with her granddaughter because she makes her “feel like a kid” again.

“She makes me laugh,” Lang continued then explained, “She made me do this after I got off the bike trainer. Up to 20 miles now… getting stronger with my ankle. Yay! Love you.”

In the first video, her granddaughter stepped into the director’s chair and instructed, “No, no, do that… and, um, do that too.” After making sure the poses were just right, Zuma gave her approval, “Cute.”

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The next two videos Lang appeared to be doing great on her own because Zuma simply stood in the background, without a word, and taped her grandma doing her thing!

We give Zuma a gold star on her directorial debut and can’t wait to see what she has planned next!

Before you go, view Lang with her children, including Zuma’s mom Zoe, in our photo gallery below filled with soap stars and their real-life kids.