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It’s not a question of Brooke or Taylor, it’s a question of which of his families he puts first.

How’s that seat feeling, eh, Ridge? A little hot? Yeah, we thought so. And it’s only going to get hotter for the Bold & Beautiful dressmaker as Brooke and Taylor (and Hope and Thomas) go to war over Douglas’ living arrangements.

History Can’t Repeat This Time

Traditionally, when Ridge is faced with a difficult choice, he forges forward and makes it… knowing all the while that he can always unmake it. He’s done this for years (and also years) with his wives. “I want you, Taylor” he’ll say on a Friday with a sincerity that tricks you into believing him. Then the Monday after, he’ll declare as if it just occurred to him, “On second thought, it’s you I want, Brooke.”

Ridge won’t be able to do that where Douglas is concerned, however. If he flip-flops as he historically has, a little boy is going to wind up unsure whether his home base is with Mommy or Daddy — if he even has a home base. What’s more, Taylor and Steffy in particular are pushing to make Ridge’s decision as much about which family he really considers his as which bed should be Douglas’.

Honestly, it’s a clever tactic.

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“C’mon, Ridge, who could say no to these faces?”

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‘Don’t Choose Me, Choose Us’

Despite the number of times that Ridge has shattered Taylor’s heart, the world-renowned psychiatrist, glutton for punishment that she is, still wants her ex-husband. And although Steffy and Thomas are far too old to give a damn whether Mommy and Daddy are together, they’ve championed a reunion between them as if it’s the only way to avoid having to have Christmas twice every year.

Now, the lot of them are poised to have their fondest wish granted — mind you, not because Ridge actually prefers Taylor to Brooke. (Need we remind you of the many times he’s callously proven that that isn’t the case? We even have photos here to jog your memory.)

No, Taylor, Steffy and Thomas are on the precipice of a do-over because the Douglas situation demands that Ridge choose not a wife but a whole family. And since he has two children and three grandchildren with Taylor, and only one (off-screen) son with Brooke, his choice is a no-brainer. He must side with Team Taylor instead of Brooke, whose daughter Hope comes with baggage in the shape of Deacon.

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Brooke refuse allow B&B

Brooke, previewing her expression when Ridge chooses Taylor.

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The Heat Is On

On August 24, The Bold and the Beautiful gives a glimpse of things to come as Ridge sits down to dinner with his and Taylor’s side of the family. A day later, Brooke vents to Hope that she can just tell that her rival is weaponizing Douglas in her campaign to poach Ridge. Whether Taylor is doing so subliminally, Brooke probably has a point. Do you agree that a “Tridge” reunion is at this point inevitable? On your way to the comments…

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