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Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

“Back by popular demand…”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen The Bold and the Beautiful’s Don Diamont (Bill) as his wife Cindy Ambuehl’s right-hand man. For those who aren’t aware, in the past, she had appointed her hubby as the guy who puts up her real estate signs aka The Sign Bitch.

“My sign bitch needs to keep himself busy!” Ambuehl shared, along with a video on her Instagram. “Our boys left home to go back to college and now daddy has nobody to play with!”

Well, she had a solution for that… “I’ll play with you,” she teased. “But first go put out my signs!”

Diamont then shared the same video, knowing how much fans had gotten a kick out of the couple’s past shenanigans, and announced, “Back by popular demand… The Sign Bitch!”

In the video, the actor prepares for a workout then calls out to his son Anton, “Can you give me a spot?” only to realize that he’s no longer there — he’s at UNLV’s training camp. After putting back the weights, he then went into his son Luca’s room and asked, “Do you want to throw the football?” But again, he realized that he’s gone too — at Duke’s football training camp. Then, out on his baseball court, Diamont yelled, “Davis, come shoot a round with him,” but then stood still and said, “Oh that’s right, he’s gone too, Ole Miss Basketball.”

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Feeling down, Diamont is next seen lying on the couch, eating some ice cream with a blanket on top of his head. When Ambuehl arrives home and finds her hubby in such a state, she admits it’s hard on her too with the boys back in college “but maybe…” Though it appears his wife is suggesting a little love in the afternoon, Diamont was quickly brought back to reality when she showed him her new real estate sign and said, “The cure is to keep yourself busy.”

“The sign bitch,” Diamont acknowledged. “And there’s nothing more pathetic than an empty nesting sign bitch!”

We have to give the couple props for keeping their relationship fun!

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