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If there’s one thing worse than a psycho, it’s two psychos.

The Bold and the Beautiful had to have sent a chill down Taylor’s spine this past week when Sheila revealed to Deacon that she was loaded. For one thing, a madwoman with endless resources is even more dangerous than a madwoman who’s clipping coupons. For another, the identity of Sheila’s benefactor just might be Taylor’s worst nightmare.

Our theory? The psycho’s reign of terror is being funded by Blake Hayes, Taylor’s first husband. Longtime viewers will recall that he was not only prone to violence, he was beyond obsessed with his ex — to the point that he tried to pry her apart from Ridge with Margo, Brooke, even Caroline’s surprise twin sister, Karen. (See him in action below.)

Imagine if Blake has been stewing over Taylor all these years, fantasizing about what might have been and what she simply wouldn’t allow to be. If he’s lost the last of his marbles, he might have seized upon the notion of pointing Sheila at Ridge and his family as if she were a weapon.

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Not knowing the murderess well, Blake might have believed that he could control her by tugging on the purse strings. As if. He’d be chagrined to know that his “employee” had actually tried to facilitate a reunion between Taylor and Ridge! Once Blake heard that Sheila had become Bear Chow, he would have to take matters into his own hands.

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“I wouldn’t eat Sheila if she was slathered in honey.”

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How? By kidnapping Taylor and locking her up in what he sees as their “dream home.” In his deluded mind, he still thinks that she has feelings for him. She must, right? Her grandson is named Hayes after him!

Once Taylor goes missing, the authorities’ investigation leads not to Blake but — surprise — a very-much-alive Sheila, who for once is blamed for a crime she didn’t commit. She insists that she’s been being paid by Taylor’s ex and that he must have abducted her. But Sheila being Sheila, no one believes a word that she says.

How would Taylor be found? Would she be found? We’d be on the edge of our seats waiting to find out.

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