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Did we really hear what we thought we heard?

The moment Bold & Beautiful‘s Brooke strolled into Steffy’s beach house to confront Taylor, we knew things would be intense. After all, the blonde had only just learned that her husband had been kissing his ex-wife while they were in Monte Carlo helping Steffy reunite with Finn.

Right off the bat, the way Taylor suggested Brooke “take a seat” sounded… combative. Maybe it was just us, but in our heads, we heard the words being used in the way people often do when suggesting the behavior of others is inappropriate. You know, like telling the person who insulted you they should “take all the seats.”

And that was before things got heated!

bold beautiful taylor hands out brooke

“Talk to the hand, Brooke. In fact, talk to both of ’em!”

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It quickly became clear that Taylor was no longer interested in dancing around the topic, but instead wanted to make it clear where she stood, which was firmly in her ex-husband’s corner, and more so than ever.

“I want more for Ridge. He is so unsettled. You have put him through so much,” Taylor told her rival. Rather than stop there, she took it upon herself to speak for the man they both loved. “Ridge is starting to realize that he’s spinning his wheels with you. Always stuck in the same situations over and over, and Brooke, he’s tired.”

It was the same argument the women have been having for years, with Taylor accusing Brooke of being essentially unworthy of Ridge. (We’ll put aside, for the purposes of this discussion, the fact that both women deserve far better than Ridge has ever given either of them). But it was what Taylor said next which really caught our attention.

“He wants to be there for his children,” Taylor insisted. “His children that he has neglected for so long because of you. Thomas needs him, and Steffy needs him.”

Brooke suggested it was Taylor, not the kids, who really needed Ridge, which may or may not have been true. But what surprised us was that Brooke let this perfect opportunity to deliver a direct blow pass her by. Because for Taylor to suggest that Ridge had been “neglecting” Thomas and Steffy was more than a tad hypocritical.

“What about you?” Brooke should have responded. “You say that Ridge neglected the children, but I seem to remember him being there when Steffy got hooked on pills. And when Thomas started dating a mannequin because of a brain tumor, I’m pretty sure it was Ridge by his side as he had brain surgery. In fact, I was there, too. The funny thing is — and please, correct me if I’m wrong — I don’t remember you being around for any of that.”

Ridge, Detective Sanchez and Thomas Bold and Beautiful

“His mom couldn’t make it,” Ridge told Sanchez. “But it’s on a lot of drugs. If he asks, you’re Taylor.”

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Unfortunately, Brooke said none of that. We did, however, get a fantastic moment when Taylor, in response to Brooke saying it was the brunette who needed Ridge, not the kids. Smiling, Taylor replied, “Oh, I don’t need him. I want him…” followed by a pause so pregnant twins could have been birthed, “… to be happy.”

The phrasing was not subtle, nor, we suspect, was it lost on Brooke. Although the conversation soon turned to the looming custody battle between Hope and Douglas, it was clear that no matter what the women appeared to be discussing, Ridge would be the real subject.

If you, like Taylor, need a reminder of why she deserves so much better than Ridge, check out the helpful gallery below!