Sheila furious spoilers B&B
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Just when you thought her reign of terror was nearing its end… surprise!

It used to be that you could count on Sheila to turn up every now and then on The Bold and the Beautiful like the proverbial bad penny. But these days, she never really seems to leave to return. In fact, she’d only been “dead” for a hot minute before she resurfaced missing a toe but carrying with her two new mysteries. What are they? Keep reading.

Bold Sheila Deacon restaurant

“You made how much in tips?!?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Where’d Sheila Get Her Dough?

Trying to entice Deacon to let her crash with him, Sheila announced that she was flush with cash, so he could name his price — so long as he didn’t ask where she got the money. But you can bet we’re asking. Once upon a time, we imagined that maybe someone already on the canvas was bankrolling the madwoman.

Now, though, we’re more inclined to think that’s it’s someone off screen. Maybe onetime lover Massimo, aka Ridge’s biodad? Maybe Rick, hoping to ruin his loathed stepfather’s life with his mom, Brooke? Maybe it’s even The Young and the Restless’ Michael, keeping Sheila’s wallet stuffed to keep her away from his wife and family. (Although we have another, far more tantalizing idea about how Michael would handle the psycho; read it here.)

Is Sheila Really a Criminal Mastermind?

Our second mystery is the one that we suspect we’ve figured out. It’s “What are we to think of Sheila?” We’re supposed to see her as an evil genius, we suppose, given the number of times she’s escaped from the authorities and faked her death. But then, instead of knowing when to cut and run, she sticks around like she’s just begging to get caught again.

Sheila threats to take Deacon back to prison BB

“As long as I don’t do that eyebrow thing in my mask, I’m unrecognizable!”

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Sheila’s current plan seems to be to remain in L.A., presumably disguised, to keep an eye on her son, who, like all of her other children, wants nothing to do with her. (That’ll happen when you shoot someone while trying to murder his wife.) In Sheila’s estimation, Finn is her “last chance.”

“Last chance at what?” we ask. To try to pull one over on one of her offspring? To pretend that proximity to someone is the same as having a relationship with them? To hang around long enough to get busted again? How many toes is she looking to lose?!?

But at least we can solve the mystery of what the show wants us to make of Sheila. Because can it be anything but “Nah, she’s not actually that clever”? Villainous is one thing, but dippy quite another — and chilling anywhere near Deacon and a whole mess of people who want her behind bars or worse is just plain dippy. Perhaps the show is still planning a “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery.

Review the likeliest suspects in Sheila’s murder in the below photo gallery.