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Neither actress nor character are holding back!

Krista Allen has never been afraid of speaking out, whether it’s about life or about her Bold & Beautiful character. In fact, as much as she sympathizes with Taylor, Allen also has plenty of issues with her actions — especially when it comes to Ridge! Still, though, she never stops trying to find the uplifting and inspiring, even in the messiest of situations.

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And that’s what the actress tried to do when she gave a bit of a preview of Monday’s episode of Bold & Beautiful. You know, the episode where Taylor decided to stop playing nice with Brooke and told her Ridge had been neglecting their kids for the blonde… after how many years of Taylor being out of town? Yeah, we had a few things to say about that.

Still, Allen wanted to share an uplifting message coming out of the whole thing.

“Sometimes,” she tweeted, “the scariest bridge to burn is the one between you and the person you thought you had to be.”

Fans, though… didn’t quite take it as the inspiring message the actress had hoped! Instead, they turned it squarely back at Taylor, even as they mused over the “cryptic” nature of the message!

“You say cryptic,” Allen replied at one point, “I say deep. Taylor’s messy journey of growth might just be relatable to many.”

Heck, when she puts it that way, who among us hasn’t made a mess as we’ve tried growing? We’re willing to be no one, so maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge Taylor. You know what they say about those who live in glass houses, after all. Wait, actually, that might apply to the accusations Taylor threw at Brooke at the beginning of the week. Maybe we shouldn’t go there…

In any case, as folks tried pondering what Allen’s tweet meant, Hannah Lerum asked for clarification. Allen replied that she’s “Just tweeting a message about getting out of our own way… I’m deep like that.”

And then there was TeamSteffi1, who worried that Taylor would try changing who she was for Ridge. But, she added, “I hope not. Taylor is fabulous the way she is.”

The actress couldn’t help but laugh at this point, noting that, “Somehow, this tweet is not the inspiration for self-love that I imagined it would be.”

That’s fair, but so is the fact that Taylor does tend to make questionable choices, so it’s a little understandable if fans’ minds went right there!

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The good news is, plenty of fans did get the message, and chimed in with replies about how they’d already had to face this hard truth in their own lives. Sometimes, we do stand in our own way when it comes to growth and happiness. Taylor’s not the only one who does it.

But lord, Taylor, maybe, maybe hurry up in burning that bridge with the person you thought you had to be. Actually, if we’re going to get specific here, hurry up and burn that “Tridge” before it’s too late! Again.

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