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“So, you want to see it?”

Monday, August 29, will mark the last day The Bold and the Beautiful viewers will get to see Rena Sofer as Quinn. Earlier this month, the actress announced that she had decided to leave the CBS soap after her contract was up but before she said goodbye, Sofer wanted to give fans a peek at the gift she created for her co-star John McCook (Eric).

“As I am preparing to leave Bold & Beautiful after nine years, I really wanted to kind of marry this new thing that I love doing, ceramics, and give my love in that way to some of the people that have meant the most to me on the show,” she shared via an Instagram video. Though she hadn’t made a recording of all of the gifts, she want to show everyone what she made for McCook. “The reason I wanted to show it to you is because it really expresses to me, and to everyone that I know who know him, his personality,” she explained then asked, “So, you want to see it?”

Sofer then displayed a beautiful blue and white jar accented with a marble on top of the lid. However, what she loved most about the jar is that she did it in a bubble glaze in his favorite color blue.

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“John McCook is like a glass of champagne,” she stated. “He’s bubbly and fun and exciting and makes you giggly and makes you laugh.” She then listed all of the reasons why people bring out champagne… Some do so when they want to celebrate, others bring it out to express love and many do as well simply when they are excited. “Everything about John McCook is all of those things,” she shared.

Thinking back on what an honor it was to work with McCook and to be his wife on the soap, Sofer admitted, “I almost wish I got to finish out my time on The Bold and the Beautiful being Mrs. Eric Forrester.” However, she was very happy with the way it turned out because she thinks Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter) is “pretty special” but said, “This is about John.”

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Though Sofer didn’t think she would see McCook on her last day, since he wasn’t scheduled to work, she wanted him and all of the “Queric” fans to know, “I’ve been an incredibly fortunate human being in my life and an incredibly fortunate actress. One of the great gifts we get as actresses is the people we get to work with… some great, some not-so great, but John McCook… He’s one of the greatest.”

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She finished up the video by thanking her co-star for being one of the best acting partners she could ever have hoped for then stated, “Thank you, John,” as she blew him a kiss goodbye.

We sure will miss seeing Sofer on the CBS soap but would love to see her return to General Hospital as Lois Cerullo.

For now, join us as we look back on Quinn’s memorable moments throughout the years in our photo gallery below.