Sheila threats to take Deacon back to prison BB
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Sheila’s back and making threats as usual.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week of August 22 – 26, Deacon tries to reason with Sheila. Read about it below and watch the preview.

At Il Giardino, Deacon relaxed and had a few drinks, as he pondered Sheila being taken out by a bear. That’s when a redhead who looked a lot like Sheila entered the restaurant. She and Deacon and returned to his tiny closet of a place, where things got hot and heavy as they made their way to his bed.

The next morning Deacon was still on cloud nine until he realized the woman in his bed had a missing toe… just like the toe the police recovered of what was left of Sheila after the bear attacked her. The woman finally revealed herself to be Sheila in a wig and prosthetics, and Deacon couldn’t believe she cut off her own toe to fake her death.

Coming up, Sheila tells Deacon that he’d be a fool to pass up this offer. What offer could that be? Of course, there is an issue of danger, but when is there not with Sheila? Deacon notes it’s risky for them both to be in his tiny broom closet together, but she refuses to leave.

Deacon reminds her that one of the conditions of his parole is he’s not to have contact with other felons. Sheila warns him that if she goes to prison, then he goes to prison! Will Deacon help Sheila with whatever she has up her sleeve? And will one, or both of them go back to prison when all is said and done?

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