sheila as a redhead bb
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It appears to be true… redheads do have more fun…

On Wednesday, August 16, viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful got their first look at Sheila back from the dead — even though Deacon didn’t have a clue! Knee-deep in some afternoon cocktails or not, Deacon should have at least given the redhead a double take and asked, “Do I know you?”

In any case, the CBS soap worked its magic and turned Sheila — or rather Kimberlin Brown — into the redhead bombshell that walked into Il Giardino and set her sights on Deacon, who whispered to Paul the bartender, “The redhead is burning holes in me.”

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Brown shared the “behind-the-scenes transformation” with her followers and thanked artists Dan Crawley and Tinsley Studio “for the wonderful prosthetics,” as well as “the wonderful Chris Lia Johnson” for the makeup and hairstylist Stephanie Paugh for her “wig work.”

If you think that was fun, just wait until Deacon wakes up in bed today with the “complete stranger,” as previewed in our The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Imagine this… Deacon, a little groggy from the night before, turns over and snuggles with the woman who was “burning holes” in him hours before… as he peers down the length of her body and sees her painted toenails noticeable out from under the sheets, he snaps fully awake and asks himself, “Wait, is she missing a toe?” He then looks back up and sees Sheila — yes, Sheila! — alive, once again, smiling up at him!

While we wait to see how it all goes down, look through our gallery below featuring Sheila’s sordid past, including a few other times she transformed while seeking revenge.