Sandy's world is rocked. (

B&B Breakdown for the week of January 4!

Between Sandy’s devastation, Bill’s tirade and Owen being dubbed a grandfather, viewers were put on an emotional rollercoaster, which made it a great week.

The Truth Hurts

Katie finally discovered the truth about the Dare line with a little help from Jarrett, which I loved. It made sense she would turn to the man who has been covering Forrester designs for his whole career and could look at it with an unbiased eye. His reaction to the tacky collection was priceless (“What have they done?”) and gave Katie the confirmation she’s been looking for. I’m mostly happy about this because Katie was smart enough to actually get to the bottom of it, while business mogul Bill was content with just letting it play out.

Once Bill was filled in about the sabotage attempt, all heck broke loose and it was a beautiful sight to behold. He lashed out at the Forresters, but seemed to really hone in on Brooke and Donna. Just about everything he said was pretty dead on and what many fans have been saying in the message boards for years.

Of course this led to Bill and Katie having one doozy of a fight, but it makes sense she would defend Brooke and Donna, because after all, they are her sisters and she can’t have anyone badmouthing them. I actually do get that. She hasn’t forgiven them though, as evidenced by her hysterical rant at them after she walked out on Bill, but she had nowhere else to go, because as she pointed out, they are her only friends.

I love that Bill remains the ruthless man he came to the show as. Yes he loves Katie, but that hasn’t changed him into a wimpy, whipped husband. He continues to tell it like it is, even if it hurts his wife’s feelings, because he’s protecting her. That’s who he is and it’s nice to see a man be a man and not be reduced to mush over the love of a good woman.