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All it would take would be a turn for the worse… and better.

The Bold and the Beautiful has confused us a lot since it introduced the character of Paris. One day, she was dying to settle down and start a family like Steffy and Finn. The next, she refused to commit to Zende because she wanted to remain footloose and fancy-free. The day after that, she was so eager to marry Carter that she didn’t walk down the aisle so much as sprint.

But the soap could end our confusion by giving Paris one more remix and transforming her into a new supervixen for the ages. Let her heartache over losing Carter — you know, her boyfriend of about 10 seconds and fiancé of even less — convince her that being good is for chumps. “I’m through wearing a halo!” she could declare. “Let’s raise some hell!” Here’s how we see the scenario playing out…

“On second thought… ”

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‘I Now Pronounce You Husband and Incredibly Wealthy Wife’

First, Paris 2.0 reveals to Zende that she has some free time next Tuesday, so they should go ahead and get married. By now, he knows that she doesn’t love him or even like him all that much. But he is a Forrester, and they are utterly incapable of turning down a chance to tie the knot. Cue the vows, the rice, and boom. Hitched.

Then, Paris decides that now that she’s a Forrester, maybe she should get more involved in the family business. Taking a particular interest in the financial aspects of the company, she works closely with Carter — and uses her access to Forrester’s books to make it appear that Quinn has been skimming from her former husband’s company. Cue utter chaos as she’s canned by Steffy, and her relationship with Carter falls apart since he can’t help but question whether she really has been siphoning Forrester funds.


“What?!? Oooh… Say now… ”

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‘Nobody Has to Know’

Meanwhile, Paris enjoys her status as someone who only inhabits the VIP room at clubs by staying out partying well past Zende’s bedtime. On one such evening, she happens to bump into Wyatt, who’s drowning his sorrows over his breakup with Flo. (Yeah, in our imagination, that, too, has happened.) One drink leads to another, and suddenly, she’s picking up her clothes and sneaking out of his house in the middle of the night.

Wyatt, being a standup sorta fellow, later approaches Paris to apologize and say that what they did was a mistake. In response, she tells him that he’s pronouncing “fun” wrong. That was what they did — they had fun. And if she has her way, they’ll have lots more.

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Paris maintains that she’s absolutely committed to her marriage. But just because she’s promised herself to Zende “till death do us part” doesn’t mean that she wants to live like she’s already dead. Wyatt wants to protest. He even begins to. Then Paris shuts him up with a kiss. “We’re not hurting Zende,” she assures him. “This doesn’t even involve him.”

What do you think? Wouldn’t a conniving Paris be more fun, especially if she also lured Wyatt into making some trouble? En route to the comments…

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